The Northern Amateur Relay Council of California

Welcome to northern California's repeater coordinating body. The Northern Amateur Relay Council of California, Inc. (NARCC) is the Amateur Radio coordinating organization for the 10 meter band and higher in Northern California.

In cooperation with the FCC, ARRL, and the support of the hams in northern California, NARCC performs the repeater coordination function for the region. NARCC's region extends from California's coast to the Nevada border and from Tehachapi in the south to the Oregon border in the north. All amateurs with repeaters in the region are urged to file for Coordination and maintain their station data with NARCC. Having a station with a current Coordination helps should a dispute arise.  (Click Here for NARCC Service Area Map)

NARCC is made up of a board of directors elected by the membership. Frequency coordinators are appointed by the board. All are unpaid volunteers.

We encourage you to become a member of NARCC. By doing so you help support the cost of the service and receive certain members-only benefits.

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Special Notices!

NARCC 2017-2019 Election Process  :

Nomination Process has begun. If you or anyone you knows would be a great candidate for the NARCC Board, please fill out the form found here. To see who’s running so far, click here 

NARCC Audit Committee  :

The three positions on the Audit Committee have been filled. If you are interested in joining them, please contact Scott Hensley KB6UOO. You can find Scott’s contact information on the Who’s who page.  Thank you goes to Jack Kirk W6KRK, Jim Siemons AF6PU and Tim Barrett K6BIV for volunteering.

NARCC General Membership Meeting  :

Come join us for the 2017 NARCC General Membership Meeting. The meeting will be held at the College of San Mateo on April 29th, 2017. The meeting location is Building 14, Room 206.

The Draft Meeting Agenda can be found here.

As a reminder we have annual elections coming this next General Meeting. While the amount of work and commitment is minimal. If you or someone that you know, would be beneficial for the organization, please submit your (or their) name to . . .


Approach the campus via Highway 92.  At the top of the hill, exit onto northbound W. Hillsdale Blvd.  As you reach the campus, continue onto W. Perimeter Road.  Pass the big CSM Farmer’s Market on your right and park in Socrates-Lot 4, DaVinci-Lot 3, or Marie Curie-Lot 5.  General Membership Meeting will be in South Hall-Building 14, Room 206.  Elevator access to the 2nd floor is on the east end of the building.

Campus parking is free on Saturdays, just avoid red zones and blue zones and you will not get ticketed.

Here is the URL to the college web site for a campus map if you need one:

Check-in will start at 9:30AM with the meeting to follow at 10:00AM.

NARCC Board Meeting  :

If you come for the General Membership Meeting, stay for the NEW NARCC Board Meeting. The Board Meeting will be starting immediately after the General Membership Meeting.

The Draft Meeting Agenda can be found here.

NARCC 2017 Newsletter  :

The newsletters are in the process of being taken to the printers and ultimately mailed to each Org. There will be no deduplication, so if you have 4 Orgs, you will get four Newsletters.

Can’t wait for the newsletter to hit your mailbox, you can find the online version here.

The newsletters might be a little late, considering that we had to change venues at the last minute for the General Membership Meeting.

NARCC February 11th Board Meeting Minutes  :

The Preliminary Draft of the February 11th, 2017 Board Meeting is available here. The document can also be found on the Meeting Minutes to the left, under Minutes.

From the ARRL :

The Amateur Radio Parity Act, H.R. 1301, died an unbefitting death as the 114th Congress of the United States drew to a close today. After having passed the House of Representatives on a unanimous vote, the bill stalled in the Senate due to the intervention of only one member, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL).

Over the course of the past year, Sen. Nelson has received thousands of emails, letters, and phone calls from concerned constituents asking for his support of H.R. 1301. Numerous meetings were held with his senior staff in an effort to move the legislation forward. Negotiations, which led to an agreement with the national association of homeowner’s associations and publicly supported by CAI and ARRL, were brushed aside by Sen. Nelson as irrelevant.

In a final meeting with the Senator’s staff earlier this week, it became clear that no matter what was said or done, the Senator opposed the bill and refused to allow it to move forward. Unfortunately, as the bill did not receive floor time, the only manner in which it could get passed in the Senate would be through a process that required unanimous consent, which means no one opposes the bill.

The legislation will be reintroduced in both houses of Congress after the 115th Session begins in January. We have already been in contact with the sponsors of the bill to allow for an early introduction, which will give us more time to obtain success. We believe that we can get his bill adopted given the fact that we were inches away from crossing the goal line. We will continue to need the support of the membership, particularly in Florida, as we go forward through the next year.

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