Mrs. Hausner’s Class   February 24, 2017

New Concept in Kindergarten:

Everyone is working on writing one complete sentence.  This is difficult and takes a lot of patience.  Students first think of the sentence they want to write, then we count the words in the sentence.  That helps us remember what we are trying to write.  At this time, students should be listening for each letter sound they hear in each word.  They are off to a great start.  Parents will be seeing homework that has writing sentences.  Please be patient, we will get there.

Spelling Test have began in Kindergarten

On Monday’s we will practice writing the words.  Wednesday and Friday we take the real Spelling Test. Some of the kids are having difficulty with spelling test.  It is very important to practice at home.

CVC Reading Words:

We are continuing to work on our reading words.  The short vowels are hard for some kids.  It is important to keep trying.  Please practice!

fed, led, men, set, wet, fun, hug, nut, sub, sun, lip, sit, log, mop, not, map, mat, rag, ran, zap

Kindergarten Sight Words

I am sending home flash cards to practice.  These words should be mastered by the end of kindergarten.  

a, am, can, go, I, in, is, it, see, the, and, big, come, here, look, my, run, to, up, you, away, blue, down, find, for, funny, help, not, play, yellow, help, jump, make, me, one, red, three, two, we, where


Beginning Addition Concepts: we are working with number bonds and ten frames.  

I am always available for conferences if you have any questions.  


Mrs. Hausner