Financial gifts to KMBC help us continue the ministry of raising up the next generation of Pastors, Leaders, Educators, and Missionaries; however, you can help the ministry of Kentucky Mountain Bible College in other ways too. One of these opportunities is to help us make every dollar count. Here’s what we mean, listed below are a few needs to be met. If you are willing to help us either by way of donation, know of a special offer available, would like to volunteer your expertise, or lead a work team,

please contact us today.

Special Needs:

Warehouse pallet racking (for use in our warehouses) Partially Answered

Dust collector system for wood shop  Answered

Snow plow (1993 or 2006 Chevy pickups)

Salt spreader for the back of a pickup Answered

4x4 tractor with loader and mower, 25 pto hp or larger, hydrostat

Expertise Needed:

Kentucky Licensed Professionals in Electrical, Plumbing, Architect, HVAC, etc. who are willing to work with maintenance staff and/or work teams to accomplish work legally and in a cost effective manner.

Experience in water, septic, natural gas infrastructure.