Grading and Assessment

As a final assessment component of our class students will submit a selection of their weekly blogs for further revision and attention. Each blog will be reviewed and students will receive an email response that asks clarification and/or revision questions. They will also receive a list of options for “deeper work” that will encourage further exploration, skills practice, and synthesis of class topics. 9th graders will submit 4 posts and 10th graders will submit 6 posts.

Ex. Blog #1:

How has your personal intro changed over the course of the semester? How did the early rocket project push you as a learner, thinking or communicator? Tackle one of these:

Minimum: Revise your personal intro to express a little more depth of thought.

(These assignments meet the minimum requirements for a passing grade.)

Great: Revise your personal intro and take a first crack at a resume HERE

(These assignments meet the minimum requirements for an 80% or higher. They are meant to push students to think beyond classwork toward presentation and synthesis of their work.)

Ultimate Goal: Revise your personal intro into a COVER LETTER and take a first crack at a resume HERE

(These assignments meet the minimum requirement for full course credit. They are meant to push a student toward sharing, presenting, synthesizing and wrestling with their thinking. They take the place of or support some of the work that has previously happened during INSPIRE Week or other capstone experiences.

Each “deeper work” assignment will be discussed in class and students have the opportunity to ask for any clarification along the way.

Students will be given a schedule of specific blog workshops and mini-lessons over the couple of weeks. All writing assignments should be shared during writer's’ workshop sessions and other assignments should be worked on with teacher support. The goal is to complete a selection of assignments that take work from your blogs and make it possible “Presentation of Learning” material!

*Please ask for any help, guidance, advice or modification of assignments along the way.