How do I get on a team?

We are having our annual new player draft next Tuesday, April 4th at 7:30PM at Lay Field in downtown Athens.  You’ll just need to send an email, text or phone call to tell us you’ll be attending.  Please include your name, age, position(s) played and your level of baseball experience and you’ll be put on our draft list.  You can do this right up until the last minute.  LOL.  If you would, please tell us how you found out about or league so we can identify what methods of getting the word out are working best for us.


How does the draft work?

The draft is pretty simple, after a warm up period we will have each player participate in a round of hitting, two at a time while the rest of us shag balls.  Next, we'll all go to defensive positions to showcase their skills there.  After defense is finished, pitchers and catchers will remain behind and have an opportunity to use the mound and catchers can make throws down to second base.  Once pitchers and catchers are done, we'll send all players home and the coaches will convene to make their picks.  Coaches will notify their draftees either the same day or perhaps the next day, depending on the time.  


What do I need for the draft?

You really only need your mitt and spikes.  Feel free to bring a wood bat if you have your own.  Please wear baseball attire, no shorts or blue jeans, etc.  We’d like you to pay the full league fee of $200, but we can allow a down payment of $50 at the draft if necessary.  


Does everyone get drafted to a team?

Almost always, yes!!   Over the years there may have been a small handful of guys (less than 5, I'd guess) perhaps, who’d never played baseball before who didn't make a squad.  However, most anyone with some baseball experience will make a team.  If you have a buddy, or even a group of guys who’d like to play on the same team, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate your request ahead of time.  We don’t make entire teams from the draft, but supplement the teams we have with new players.


Directions to Lay Field:  The physical address is 297 Hoyt St, but trust me, you’ll want to GPS Monroe St. It’s off of College Avenue and Monroe St only leads to our ballfield.  Hoyt St offers no access to the field, only a long walk.


 Some General League Information:

Season will commence just a week or two after the draft and ends in early August.  Each team plays one game per week, which could be on almost any night of the week, but usually on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday Night.  All games are played at our home park, Lay Field, located in downtown Athens.  Games start at 7:30pm and we play the full 9 innings by major league rules with only a few exceptions.   So no, we don’t allow collisions at the plate, nor taking out of middle infielders on double plays any longer.  And, much to my own personal dismay, pitchers won’t throw all four pitches for intentional walks.    One major difference would be in lineup rules.  These rules are just to allow more guys to get into the game a little easier than the traditional rules allow.  We also have two umpires per game as opposed to four.  Unlike most leagues, we have a working scoreboard and announcers with a PA system.  And, our field has restroom facilities!  We also keep serious, accurate stats from every game, compiled and posted on our website from time to time.  Trophies are given out to the players on the league’s championship team.  

As a league of unpaid volunteers, we can use help in certain areas.  Players in need can sometimes have his player fee altered, reduced or even absolved completely in some cases when he is willing to perform certain duties.  Jobs like coaching, scorekeeping and field maintenance can help reduce a player’s fees.  Let the league commissioner know if you’d like to help out with some of the behind the scenes duties that help keep the league running so well.

Thanks, and hope to see you at the draft!



Over this past Memorial Day Weekend, the Select team went to battle against some of the Atlanta area’s best men’s baseball teams.  We won game one of our DH on Saturday vs a team called the Griffin Brewers.  The Select made it look easy in this one, shutting the Brewers out by a final of 6-0, with a great performance from Riley Sparks on the hill.  Game  provided a different level of opponent in the tournament director’s personal team, the Atlanta Reds.  The Reds were a solid club from top to bottom and held a 3-1 edge over the Select until some late heroics brought the Select back into this one.  Billy Hutchins hit a mammoth homerun to cut the lead to 3-2.  The team kept rallying and then Mike Granda came through with a clutch two-out single to plate the tying run in dramatic fashion.  The two teams played 10 innings before the time limit ran out and the contest ended in a rare tie.  Brantley Frost toed the rubber for us on this day and his performance was nothing short of astounding.  Frost pitched the intire 10 innings against a team of flat out mashers.  Day one ended with a 1-1 record and our chances of moving on past pool play looked pretty good going into Sunday Morning’s game against a team called the Atlanta Halos, coached by ex-AAMBL Astros skipper Kenny Asaro.  It was great catching up with our old friend, but that’s where the Southern Hospitality ended, as the Select pounded out a 14-5 victory and locked up the #1 seed on our side of the 8 team tourney.  We moved on to the semi-finals and faced a team which was comprised of players from Tampa and Pensacola, FL., who called themselves the TampaCola Trojans.  This was another superteam of ex-college and pro players, deep and talented.  The Select called on veteran Kyle Melvin to keep this team in check.  He did exactly that, with some closing help from lefty Clark Owens and the Select controlled this one from start to finish with a 7-3 victory and now we were on to the SHIP, which was scheduled for Monday at 10am.  After a quick venue change, we all convened at North Cobb High School for a matchup with a team we’ve faced many times in tournament play over the years in Frankie Peters’s Atlanta Cherokees.  Peters seemed pretty confident in his chances during pregame chat, and loved having the game moved to his own homefield, no doubt.  However, they weren’t exactly prepared for one Justin Pannell, who was zoned in from the start.  Pannell pitched around 15 hits and kept the mighty Cherokees from walking away with this one, before giving way to closer Owen, who collected the save in a game that wasn’t actually as close as even the 9-6 final might indicate.  Finesse pitching, timely hitting and just, well, ridiculous defense all combined to allow the Select to once again hoist the Billy Townsend MD trophy!   What a weekend.  There were so many heroes, maybe too many to mention without forgetting some.  The defense of Billy Hutchins at shortstop for all 5 games was nothing short of spectacular, with plays that could fill any highlight reel.  That level of play seemed to inspire the rest of the squad as numerous guys contributing defensive gems all weekend long.  2B Niko Mailloux was a perfect pairing for Hutchins as the duo vacuumed up ground ball after ground ball, killing rallies and getting us out of jams time and time again.  Caleb Emmett, Jeff Kilgore, Jeffery Crosby, and our catcher, Rob Brown all contributed eye-popping defensive plays.

We also can not discount the contributions from our coaching staff.  Burton Parker (3b and pithing) and Scott Mixon (1b and official scorekeeping) were both impactful forces on the team, and of course our team captain, the irreplaceable Danny Tillery was a force in the dugout and on the field, leading his team with a .412 BA and 7RBI’s.  Jeff Kilgore batted .364 but drew 5 walks and was somehow plunked 4 times as well for a OBP of .650, he also scored 6.  Hutchins also dominated at the plate, batting .318 while scoring an amazing 10 times with 2 doubles, a triple and the moonshot homer.  Hutchins’s overall performance over the weekend garnered him the Select tournament MVP award.  A fantastic weekend to say the least, and we can’t wait for another tournament to come up!  GO SELECT!


Congratulations coach Danny Tillery for keeping  the Decker Cup in Morgan County for at least another season!!!


Here we go, again!  Email the league at and tell us your age, position(s) and your past baseball experience and we will add you to our draft roster as well as answer any other questions you may have.  Our new player draft is coming up later in March so don’t delay.


Please print, read and sign the AAMBL Waiver. Download DOCX or PDF format.