It is the year 24 in the Age of ECHO.  The Golden age of Magic has emerged.  With the augmentation of the Tower of Pearl from King Gracewinds negotiations with Salti “Queen of the Deep” the Order of Power ( OP ) of magic has been returned to level 10.  However, the Item Spirit crisis was somehow magnified by the formation of the Eternal Compass and ECHO.  (See the links below)  The slaves of Salti were given the option to leave Jorogumo, the Ocean Underworld, but would need to pay the blood price until they passed on.  There was great rejoicing for all that returned to their homes and cities, but not for all.  Some had passed on while under Salti’s “care” and others chose not to return.  Could not face what they had done or had become and chose instead a life of illusion.  But the Inner sea was safe again and free from the grip of Salti and her kin.  Trade blossomed, Magic flourished and a time of prosperity filled the land.

        Steam Technology explodes onto the scene as a major asset as magic weapons disappear.  Zeppelins fill the skies and travel becomes cheap and common.  Saurgaria’s inovations blossom and custom steam items are found throughout the land.  Their Runic Magic “Battle Dragons” Zeppelins of great power and prowess have made their neighbors concerned and the likes of Skilhaven greatly alarmed.  As much as they have tried Skilhaven has not been able to get a foothold in steam technology.  Many decry sabotage and tensions grow high in the later years as Saurgaria and Pearless approach rivaling Skilhaven in trade. Teleportation remains a strange aberration with the new overlay.  As of yet no mage has been able to crack the code to get teleportation to work properly. It is very haphazard and many end up re-emerged into a mountain or half way into a wall.  Some report dragons and Fae have been able to do so with some success but these reports are not substantiated and may be utter fabrications.     In the last 6 years the “Fog of Fear” has reemerged in the inner sea.  It is a zombie fog that can be recognized by its eerie red glow.   Many have been taken into the deep. It seems that Salti is testing the waters of Gracewinds limits once again. Gracewind who now sails under the Flag of his Ghost Crab and the Compass Rose is seen sailing the waters with his armada of unique runic ships chasing the ever elusive fog.

        The 8 of the 13 Oracles of Darkness and Light are now of age as adults (or young teens.) They have taken up residency in the safety of Nore Romas and are at an undisclosed location after their 3 “siblings” vanished in Tai Koban.  There are rumors that, once it got out that Gracewind had an Oracle in Pearless, that these black/white prophets would be valuable allies (or assets in the wrong hands). A powerful foe seems to have overtaken the Koban Guard unawaress and the Oracles were taken captive. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Telepelec has faired possibly the worst.  The ruins of the Telepelc City seem to be calling the spirits of items to its location.  Item haunts plague the area.  The royal family of Telepelec seems overcome with a desire to find some great object and it has cost them much to no avail. But hobbits are flexible and peaceful folk.  Many have adjusted to the existence of item haunts floating about now and then.  

Orcneas, the Orc Nation of Nomads, roam the land as a moving tent city that circles the inner sea counter clockwise or “sun direction.” The Orkaic are known for their amazing tracking, hunting and tanning skills. They are in the North in Telepelec and the Gates during the summer.  They move on into the west of Eastway Welandis and the edges of Nore Romas in the Fall.  To the South for the winter to mingle and trade with Shaloba, and Grittin (Hiveland refuse to trade with hunters) and then into the east in the Spring to hunt with the Saurag who seem to be trying to rekindle an older tradition that was lost, and then slowly traveling north to trade with Harik as the beginning of Summer approaches.

Twi Chein, has arisen as a great power to the South once again.  It is believed that they no longer control Amon (the southern continent) but they have created a grand Lake in the sky above the southern sea and have rebuilt much of what they lost. Their alliance with Nore Romas, with the return of their great Sky vessel Dragu Petra, has infuriated Skilhaven and lead to an alliance of their own with Tai Koban.  Skilhaven continues to control all trade in the southern seas that comes through the “Northern Pass” between Tai Koban and Skilhaven.  Their blockade is maintained and is feared for Kobans have emerged as some of the greatest warriors in all of Teriock with their amazing “Spirit items” that give them skills others do not possess. However, the Twei Chein, though they have lost much of their great items (including their Drake Ships) have expanded their magical abilities many fold.  Somehow they have been able to “bounce” the effect of ECHO to their location in the far south.  This is a secret that many seek to gain which has only emboldened their already xenophobic nature.  However, because Nore Romas took them in when their society fell long ago they now feel a kinship to them.


The five Demon Fae (Frostworm, Barkbeetle, Rattlebug, Sandgrub and Bogdog) have taken up permanent residence as the guardians of the Curuvarous Tree in Grittin.  Only the bravest and strongest choose to go Curuvarous Tree for many do not return.


Dagdeoth has taken up residence in the “The Sisters” the mountains in the north western borders of Teriock.  They are just inside the effect of ECHO.  Here they have attempted to increase their magic and numbers.  Though the “Gates” have made many attempts to rid the sisters of the Dagdeans they return each spring. Their numbers ever growing.

 Rumors of dark shadows and woe are spoken about the people of Roekron.  Few travel there and trade to the west has all but ceased.  But here in Teriock it has been a peaceful time for 2 dozen years.  Children have grown and never known war in Teriock. It has been a time of prosperity in this New Age but it seems it is not to last much longer. Tensions grow high as Twei Chein’s power grows, Dagdeoth continues to push south and Salti seems to be wakening……

OK Teriock Players! The stage is set. The New Season has begun!

Effects to all Teriock Characters:

  1. All magic items under tier 5 are “gone” and are item haunts ( all item cards must be handed over to GameMasterT aka Tony)
  2. Everyone gets 5% increase of gold due to the Golden Age.
  3. Teleportation does not work (properly if at all)
  4. Mages can (with the right equipment) imbue master crafted weapons with the ability to do magic damage for an encounter (See link below)
  5. Teriock Master Crafted weapons are always embellished with “heart stones” and other gems.
  6. Everyone gets ONLY one augmentation other than their back story.  All Spellstone abilities are GIFTED (meaning you must spend a mana) and only teir 1 augmentations are to be added at all. This augmentation MUST make sense with their backstory so backstories are to be rolled FIRST.  The junior GM must help determine the teir 1 ability that could be chosen that makes sense AND the flaw must make sense.
  7. Also see other proposed rules in the link below

To see the new proposed rules for 2019-20 please see go to link Below:

For more explanations and in depth descriptions read  “An autopsy of the spirit crisis and potential solutions offered by the New Terriok Overlay aka. Eternal Compass Heightened Overlay (ECHO)” By Castaspella Runecirk M.S. (Masters of Sorcery) go to the link below:

Problems with link?   Read first version below:

An Autopsy of the Spirit Crisis and Potential Solutions Offered by the New Terriok Overlay (ECHO)

By Castaspella Runecirk M.S. (Masters of Sorcery)

 (Published by Ira ‘Iris’ Eserman)





            Since the Spirit Crisis which began earlier this year, virtually all passive magic weapons and items in Terriok, and possibly the world over, have lost their power. In response to this recent absence of cooperative spirits to mass-produce magical weapons and items, major magic users of Terriok have been scrambling to find other ways to deliver magical damage capabilities to their armies and champions. In response to this sense of vulnerability, magical researchers have turned to a strange new source of power: the new Terriok-wide overlay produced by the Eternal Compass. Since its construction, Terriok’s elder sorcery OP has been stable at level ten and the realm seems to be utterly saturated with magic, despite mages new inability to reign in item spirits. Tinkering with this new overlay by Corsican mages and later the sorcerers and runeweavers of Dragonsummit has yielded promising results for solving the current magical weapon crisis to some extent. These include so called Direct Imbuement (DI) weapons, which use mana to directly channel overlay magic around a weapon, temporarily giving it the power to damage those creatures whom could typically only be harmed by such magical attacks. Research into the many potential uses and properties of the Eternal Compass Heightened Overlay (ECHO) is ongoing and research suggests that the ability to manipulate this magical system will ultimately benefit the land as a whole.


Introduction and Context


For centuries, the Nations of Terriok have been at war. Not with each other, at least most of the time, but with dark forces from beyond or within its borders. For the last two centuries, the Realm has been in intermittent conflict with vampire hoards such as Fish and Lance1, and up until recently the ancient fallen hero Belladonna2. The land has also been subject to various world-ending schemes and invasions by the demon worshiping superpower Dagdeoth to the north3. This is not even considering the intermittent invasions by various other demons and malevolent outsiders such as the Four of Lore4 or the Sacred Shadow5. Through all these crises, the nations of the realm have sought to imbue their armies and heroes with the ability to fight back these foes. Virtually every nation did this by mass-crafting magical weapons for their people to use against these threats. These weapons allowed non-mages and non-paladins to deal magical damage against these foes, as well as offering a great number of extra powers and abilities to aid them in combat. These items were often styled to the values of the nation that made them, often having flaws requiring users to conform to these values. A popular example is the Pearless Battle Gear, which while offering delicate war mages a host of protective abilities, bore the deliberate flaw that their wielder was forced to defer authority to the captain of any ship they were on. Each nation had its own flavor of magical weapons and enhancing charms, many of which would be accumulated by heroes and other extra-national powers who would use them to cut large swathes into invading undead and outsider armies. Magic item trading became a big business and dealers of magical objects were highly respected by heroes hoping to get a good deal on what had essentially become the tools of the heroing trade6. These dealers were famously so paranoid that they frequently sought out items such as the Cloak of Shadows to protect themselves from thieves7. Heroes and pirates alike prided themselves of their vast dragon-like hordes of magical items and weapons.

This of course all changed with the Spirit Crisis. In order to understand how deep this crisis runs it is important to understand how most modern magic weapons and items work. For the last several hundred years, most magic weapons and items, which will from now on in this paper be referred to collectively as magic tools, have been made by crafting a high-quality master-crafted item as a shell and then summoning a spirit to live inside. Some spirits were willing to inhabit items, while others were less so. A spirit often came with abilities of its own which were then passed on to the weapon, or could be trained in new abilities if desired. Once the bonding process was complete, the wielder of the tool could tap into the power of that spirit and use its abilities, either by spending mana or sometimes simply invoking the spirit’s power.

In the year 2019, metaphysical effects that are still under investigation8 caused virtually every item spirit in Terriok, and possibly the entire world, to almost simultaneously shed their bonds and go rogue. At first, only low tier magic tools such as apprentice weapons9 were affected. However, the effect quickly extended to most other magical tools. This resulted in virtually every magical tool in the land being effectively disenchanted. Of course, these spirits are not actually gone. They still wander the land and sea and can be regularly seen causing mindless trouble everywhere they go10. These spirits can however be temporarily placated by invoking the name of the item they once inhabited, which can be deduced by the abilities they exhibit11.  

            It is important to note however that the Spirit Crisis did not extend to every item in Terriok. Several items survived and their identities provide clues to the nature of the Spirit Crisis. Firstly, items over tier five remain intact. It is unclear exactly why these particularly strong items were spared, but for some reason items such as Ro-Ro’s Happy Hammer, the Dragu Petra stormship, and the Twin Dragonblades all still exist. Secondly, First-Age items are untouched. Any item that is particularly old such as Hammel’s Torch have not been affected by the Crisis. Theorists believe that these items either have very devoted spirits or are made with some much older crafting method we have since lost that either does not use spirits or binds them in an unfamiliar way12. Third, rare early non-passive magic items still exist. These include such artifacts as the Clamis Cleaver. Since these ‘enchanted’ items were more reminiscent of simple mana-activated tools like golems and did not depend on spirits for their power, it makes sense they would not be affected by the Spirit Crisis. Finally, items exclusively made via elder sorcery have remained untouched. It has been an uncommon but not unheard of practice among powerful mages to expend their personal spell slots to create custom magic tools13. It is unclear whether these items contained spirits that were willing to stay because they had made personal deals with the mages who crafted their items, or if these items never had spirits at all and were simply woven directly from their creator’s magic, possibly including a piece of their own spirit in the form of their spell slot14. This category includes such famous items as the glowing Dragonseye and Wizards Pillar Staff possessed by Archmage Nebulai, the Wrappings of Octillion, the Boom Blade, and a few others, almost all of which are unique and irreplaceable. Curiously, Morganti items have also remained untouched although these are something of a special case in regards to spirits and crafting15.



            Of course, these curious exceptions do not overshadow the fact that the majority of magical weapons in the realm have been lost. The hardest blow has been dealt to low-level heroes and soldiers who have neither the training nor the actual power to wield the remaining powerful items, leaving the majority of foot soldiers unarmed against the coming hordes of undead and demons which will surely return to the realm. However, a solution to this issue may have already presented itself. Around the midpoint of the year, two legendary magical tools were recovered by a group of resourceful heroes. The first was the Sword of Ages, an Astamori sword created by the Curuvaros Tree while it was a divine conduit16, which the Nos Farachni queen Salti had been using to maintain her realm’s integrity. The second was the Valkyrie shield Svallin, “Safeguard of All” an indestructible shield that had somehow been shattered and was reconstituted by heroes, who discovered it could block or deflect virtually anything given enough energy17. Following the recovery of these two artifacts, King Gracewind of Pearless brought these items to the Tower of Pearl, a long-time bastion of mysterious interplanar magic17. What followed was an intense negotiation session between the king of the seafaring nation and the queen of the deep Salti. What happened during this meeting is not common knowledge. However, it did result in the freeing of thousands of people from her underwater realm, and in Gracewind setting the Sword of Ages atop of Svallin to form the Eternal Compass. These items, combined with the planar magic of the Tower of Pearl, stabilized Terriok’s long-fluctuating elder sorcery OP, which as of this publishing is still at it its maximum. However, the Compass appears to have done a lot more than this. Based on storm mage readings, the Eternal Compass appears to be generating its own magical overlay. This overlay though, appears to be far stronger than the one from Roekron upon which Terriok had up until now been depending. This heightened power overlay generated by the Compass has been appropriately dubbed the Eternal Compass Heightened Overlay (ECHO) by researchers.


Methods and analysis

            For the last several months mages of all nations have been prodding at the ECHO in an attempt to understand its inner workings and properties. Since most Terriok mages have limited experience with overlay manipulation, much of this prodding has been quite literal, consisting of runeweavers and elder sorcerers inputting commands into the ECHO matrix and studying the results that come out. It was a young Coursican mage who, during the process of such tinkering, discovered a complex command that could force the intense magic of the overlay to bunch itself up around an item18. Out of sheer boredom and frustration at the seeming uselessness of this function, the young mage used the command to compress some overlay magic around his staff, and then proceeded to lay into a security golem which his non-magic staff should not have been able to damage. When the golem was found to be visibly damaged, the higher ranked mages of Dragonsummit took over the project. After some re-working, the command was shortened and made more efficient. After beta testing, the command was implemented across the entire overlay. Now, any mage connected to the ECHO19 can spend a mana and use a simple command to shape overlay magic around a master-crafted weapon, creating a so-called ‘Directly Imbued’ (DI) weapon. After imbuement, these weapons can deal magic damage for up to ten minutes at a time. Since this function was developed, several variations have also been created. Specialized supplementary commands have been developed for guild masters which allow them to add their own magical influence to a DI weapon. This essentially allows guild masters to add an elemental damage modifier to any weapon the pay mana to create, such as fire damage for a flame guild master, holy damage for a life guild master, or earth damage for a nature guild master.




            All evidence currently suggests that the ECHO is full of magical potential of which researchers have only scratched the surface. Already with minor tinkering researchers have partially solved the magical damage problem brought on by the Spirit Crisis. DI weapons are only the beginning of what the ECHO can offer to the realm, and development will continue in the coming years.

Example of a Lodestone

Item Name: Ruby Lodestone

Item Type:  amulet

Notes and Abilities: This pendulum necklace was made following the Spirit Crisis to allow mages to help their party do magic damage in the absence of magic weapons. It is composed of a ruby heartstone on a chain and when left to swing always points to the Eternal Compass. It is not a true magic item, but a key which allows the user to tap into the ECHO and use its magic *(holy for life, etc)

1 mana: imbue a master-crafted weapon

with the ability to deal magic damage for

one encounter

If a guildmaster:

1 mana: as above and add a damage type

modifier based on mage type*

Non-passive magic item

User must be a mage

Tier 0