1.0 Mission Statement

The SOLA was established by a group of online friends to provide an environment where gamers can enjoy any online multi-player game and to develop a community of acceptance and encouragement. SOLA was founded with Judeo-Christian teachings and a Biblical world-view in mind. As such we strive to show respect to everyone including our enemies. Our goal is to be known in the game word as friendly and helpful members of any gaming community. We will do this by holding ourselves to a high standard of respect and maintaining the honor of the SOLA. By doing this we will provide a family friendly environment for gamers and a place to enjoy the game in a community of friendly individuals.

2.0 Purpose

The founding members of SOLA receive their authority from Christ and the Bible is used for much of our guidance and structure. While SOLA was founded by Christians it is not required for membership. In maintaining this online gaming guild in multiple massively multi-player online role-playing games the fundamental guiding principles found in the Bible and remain our core Values. The purpose of this charter is to provide a framework for the perpetual management of SOLA, whose goal is to provide an enjoyable gaming atmosphere for our members in multiple online games.

3.0 Scope

This Charter has authority over all persons who accept membership in SOLA.

4.0 Exploits, Hacking and Third Party Programs

SOLA is a guild based on honor. Hacking, using unauthorized third-party programs, exploiting bugs or otherwise violating the license, terms of service, or other rules of the publisher or developer of a game in which SOLA is participating, in order to gain an unfair advantage, is dishonorable and strictly prohibited. Any such actions are grounds for immediate dismissal from the Guild.

5.0 Organization

All members are governed by a Council of Saints.

The Council shall have overall and ultimate authority over the Guild.

Each individual Game in which SOLA participates will be ran by the Chapter Guild Master and the Chapter Council.

Chapter Councils shall have authority over the individual Games that they represent.

5.1 Membership

All members who currently and regularly play in any Game that has an official SOLA presence shall be deemed Active Members. The Guild Master may at his discretion grant active membership status for active participation on our Message boards.

If any member ceases playing regularly in the judgment of the Council of Saints, they shall be deemed to be an Inactive Member. Inactive members may not vote in guild elections.

Access and Membership to the message boards is granted or removed at the discretion of the Council.

5.2 The Council of Saints

The Council of Saints shall help provide an enjoyable gaming atmosphere for all members of the SOLA. It is the responsibility of each member of the Council of Saints to participate with other members in the game regularly, to communicate with the membership regularly, to participate in Council Meetings, and to participate in recruiting, training, and Guild events. If a person accepts appointment to the Council of Saints, they accept the responsibility to promote the Guild Values and keep it strong.

5.3 Guild Master

The Head Guild Master (HGM) is the moral leader of the Guild, and will ensure that the Guild stays true to its Mission. With the assistance of the Council of Saints, the HGM will help to promote an enjoyable gaming environment for all Guild members. The HGM has the duty and responsibility to make all decisions, and take all actions necessary to enforce those decisions, except those specifically reserved to others by this Charter, in order to assure the continuity, vigor, and character of the Guild as a whole.

The HGM may delegate any or all of his or her authority, at any time, as he or she sees fit. Any decision of the HGM, including the decision to remove a member of the Council of Saints, may be reversed by a 2/3 majority vote of the High Council.

5.4 High Council

The Council shall consist of the Head Guild Master, the Master of Chapters and the Master of Personnel. Additionally, the Leader of each chapter shall sit on the High Council with the title of Chapter Guild Master on the High Council. Each chapter will choose another member of the chapter council to site on the High Council and Chapter Advisor. Thus, the Council will consist of minimum of 3 full time members and two members from each chapter.

The High Council is responsible for administration of the Web Site, Message Boards, and other resources that are shared by the Guild.

Each member of the Council shall have one vote on all issues. A majority of votes of the members of the Council is required to take any action.

In order to be a member of the High Council, the member must be an Active Member in good standing and dedicated to the Guild and are the only positions that are not allowed to represent other guilds.

If any member of the Council fails to perform his or her duties, they shall be removed by the HGM.

No player may hold two positions on the High Council.

5.5 High Council Role Descriptions

Head Guild Master

Master of Chapters

The Master of Chapters is responsible for health and well being of all active chapters.  The Master of Chapters will, minimally, contact the Chapter Guild Leaders monthly to make sure that everything is going well, see f there is anything the Guild as a whole can do for them and then take that to the High Council if needed.

Master of Personnel

The Master of Personnel is responsible for the upstarts, to help get new Chapters and  Emissaries going. They are to handle all Elections for the High Council  and Chapter startups and should the Chapters need elections ran. The Master of Personnel may appoint an Election Official to run the elections, this position reports directly to the Master of Personnel.

5.6 Council Meetings

The Head Guild Master shall preside over all meetings of the Council.

The Council shall meet once a month with additional meetings held on an as-needed basis. The Assistant Head Guild Master shall be responsible for scheduling meetings of the Guild and the High Council as necessary.

5.7 Chapter Councils

Once established, a Chapter Council shall have authority over all issues pertaining specifically to the game which they administer, but that authority must be exercised in a manner consistent with this Charter.

The size and organization of a chapter council shall be determined by the Chapter Council. At a minimum it shall consist of the Chapter Guild Master and one Assistant Guild Master.

Each member of the Chapter Council shall have one vote on all issues. A majority of votes of the members of the Chapter Council is required to take any action.

Members of the High Council hold a seat on the Chapter Council of the game(s) in which they actively participate.

5.8 Chapter Bylaws

Each Chapter should establish its own Chapter Bylaws, as long as they are consistent with this Charter and contain the following provisions:

a. The Chapter shall elect a single Chapter Guild Master by a simple majority of all Active Members of the Chapter, and the Chapter Guild Master may be removed by a Vote of No Confidence of a simple 2/3 majority of all Active Members of the Chapter.

b. The Chapter shall appoint or elect two members of the Guild High Council from the Chapter, one of which may be the Chapter Guild Master.

c. Exploits, Hacking and Unauthorized Third-Party Programs: SOLA is a guild based on honor. Hacking, using unauthorized third-party programs, exploiting bugs or otherwise violating the license, terms of service, or other rules of the publisher or developer of a game in which SOLA is participating, in order to gain an unfair advantage, is dishonorable and strictly prohibited. Any such actions are grounds for immediate dismissal from the Guild and Chapter.

d. These By-laws are for the purpose of clarifying issues that pertain to this specific Game. The SOLA Guild Charter has ultimate authority over all Chapters of SOLA, and may not be superseded by the contents of these By-laws.

In the absence of specific Chapter Bylaws the provisions in this section (sect 5.7) shall serve as the Chapter By-laws.

5.9 Extended Absence of Council Members

When a Council Member is absent for an extended period of time, with or without notice to the Council, the remaining members of the Council may vote to demote and temporarily  promote a member to that position until one can be formally placed into that position.

6.0 Elections and Term of Office

6.1 Council Elections

Elections shall be administered by the Assistant Guild Master, unless the Assistant Guild Master is a candidate, in which case the election will be administered by the Head Guild Master or the Councilor with the longest Guild tenure.

Vacancies in the High Council shall be filled by an open election, with candidates being nominated from all Active Members of the Guild. The position will be filled by the candidate who receives the most votes. All active members of SOLA may vote in these elections.

6.2 Chapter Council Elections

Elections for Chapter Guild Master (Chapter Leader) shall be administered by the Master of Personnel and voted on by the active members of the chapter that CGM will represent.

6.3 Term of Office

The members of the Council of Saints shall retain their offices until they resign, or until they receive a Vote of No Confidence from a 2/3 majority of the Active Guild Members.

If any three (3) Active Members of the Guild request a Vote of No Confidence in a member of the Council of Saints, then the Guild shall hold such vote. No such vote may occur more than once in any six (6) month period of time. Such votes shall be administered by the Assistant Guild Master or the Councilor with the longest Guild tenure.

6.4 Retention and Termination of the HGM

If the Head Guild Master resigns from his post, the Assistant Head Guild Master will act as interim HGM until a new Head Guild Master has been appointed. In the event of an extended absence or vacancy, the High Council shall appoint one of its members as Head Guild Master.

Any Council Member may make a motion for a Vote of Confidence in the HGM. If this motion is seconded by another High Council member, then a vote is taken. If a 2/3 majority of the High Council casts a Vote of “No Confidence” in the HGM, a new HGM shall be appointed immediately.

The new Head Guild Master shall be appointed by the High Council and the appointment ratified by a simple majority vote of all active members of the Guild whenever necessary. The appointment of a new Head Guild Master shall always be ratified by a majority vote of the entire guild membership.

7.0 Expansion

We encourage our members to explore each new game that becomes available. If the game seems a good fit for SOLA, then a new Chapter, if you want to casually play said game with friends than form an Embassy, both may be started to support our members in that new Game.

7.1 Chapters and Embassies

Chapters are full established part of SOLA with seats on the Council, a forum section, where an Embassy is a game or group of players that want to play but not have the organization of a  chapter.

7.2 Petition for Expansion

The establishment of a SOLA Chapter  or Embassy in any online game is within the exclusive authority of the High Council. If any person desires to establish a SOLA Chapter in an online game, they shall make such a request from the High Council. The High Council has the authority to grant or deny said petition within its sole discretion, and establish whatever terms or conditions it deems appropriate in the event said petition is granted.

7.3 Ambassador

Upon acceptance of their petition, the person who champions SOLA's expansion into a new Game shall be granted the title of Ambassador. This special title may be held in addition to other guild title or ranks. The Ambassador shall be charged with establishing a SOLA presence in this new game. The Ambassador should create the initial Rank system for the new Game, as applicable. Additionally, they should create the initial By-laws with any game specific policies that are needed but are not covered by this Charter. They should also specify information such as server or realm choice.

Once the Guild is established in the New Game, then the Ambassador may petition the High Council to become the Chapter Guild Master, or they may nominate another who will fill that roll.

8.0 Common Terms used by SOLA:

These terms and phrases are a common part of the history and culture of SOLA and their use is encouraged in all Chapters of SOLA:

< Insert terms here>

8.1 Other Definitions:

High Council of Saints: The group of players that manages this Guild. Use of this term is inclusive of Council.

SoLA Advisor: A general term applied to the member of the SOLA High Council.

Election Official: Position that reports to the Master of Personnel to run and oversee Elections for SOLA Guild.

Drama Hammer: Position that reports to the High Council to oversee and review issues and Disciplinary Actions (DA) on members of the Guild.

Disciplinary Actions (DA): A decision made by the High Council about a members actions that breach the Code of Conduct.

9.0 Process for Amending this Charter

This Charter may be amended only with the approval of the GM and a majority vote of the Council of Saints.

10.0 Revision History

12/9/2013 - Rewrote section 7 and 5. Added Definitions.

2/7/2013 - Added section 5.9 and removed redundant working in 6.2 that is covered by section 5.9

1/23/2013 – Revised most of the charter to include chapters and High Council

6/28/2012 - Section 2.0 was rewritten