Little drummer boy’s adventure.

It was a cold dull day  on a beach there was a little drummer boy who was going on an adventure  on his journey he saw a fox appearing slyly  from behind a log but  if i had seen a fox turning out to be a girl i would be anxious and confused of what had just happened in front of my eyes. the girl joined the drummer boy on his mysterious journey. was the drummer boy leading the girl to danger?.

 The drummer boy and girl met  a bunch of people they were wearing brightly coloured clothes. Then further on they met two boys that were wearing dull grey clothes and they were about to set an old metal car on fire. Maybe these two boys were the danger to these people.

 The people then met a smaller younger drummer boy who was lying on the floor. Was he asleep or was he dead? .The girl reached out to the smaller drummer boy’s hand and the small drummer boy slowly reached out to her and as he felt her warmth and movement.Maybe the boy wanted to make friends with the girl.


The group of people got up and carried on their mysterious adventure the older drummer boy led  the way. The group stopped suddenly for a moment. Maybe they were thinking “are we in danger ? and where is he taking us ?.” At this point the people were terrified but still wanted to follow the drummer boy because they wanted to find out where they were going. Then they charged to a cliff but didn’t stop they just jumped off the cliff thinking they would fall into the water but…… they floated in the air.