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World's Greatest Chess Set
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For Sale: One-of-a-Kind, Extraordinary Work of Art

You are looking at the first ever casting of The World’s Greatest Chess Set, by Jack Bellis.



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The set depicts my image of the dark ages. The entire set is solid bronze. They’re heavy, all are completely solid except the rooks, which have a small concavity to reduce their weight a little. The set is most definitely made to play, with all of the pieces being stable durable.

Team “Colors”

This first set has one team plated in 18K gold, the other in verdigris patina, inspired by works of sculpture that I see in public.  

I’m not a fan of the gold and silver look. Hey, this is a work of art that is a chess set, not a chess set that is a work of art.

How Many Sets Will Be Made?

The First Casting

This first set DOES NOT HAVE the 30 unique sculptures of the original master artwork.

This first set DOES NOT HAVE the solid gold sceptres & tiaras, nor ruby and sapphire crown jewels of the original master artwork.

The tallest piece is the knight, 2+1/4” or 55mm tall, the height of a D battery. The knights take up more area than the other pieces pieces so they will extend into other squares on a board a little.

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