August 25, 2016 - RELIEF SOCIETY

(Pictures and notes were received from Sister Ghetti-Remor)


Sisters Kemple. Chiafitela, Chamberlin, Bon and Ransom, accompanied by Sister Chazen performed Wayfaring Strangers, as a special musical number


Our teachers – Sisters Nuon, Wentzel, Pabico and Paa


Heavenly Father gave us a pattern so that we wouldn't be blind like the blindfolded maze.


Learn of Him, listen to His voice and walk with Him.

Sister Kleine commented: To listen to Him is to read the scriptures.

Sister Wentzel commented: There is a difference between listening and hearing.


When you listen to the prophet, what is the difference?

Sister Ashton answered: It is important to realize that when the prophet talks to us, it is revelation from God!


Sister O’Reilly commented: The atonement is individual. Instead of being very general, our Savior thought about every single one of us during His suffering in the Gethsemane.   God is literally our father, and a perfect father that cares about His children.