#116 - Into the Nexus: “Title”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

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Gul’dan First Impressions

Gul’dan and the patch have been confirmed for Tuesday the 12th

Kyle’s go to build




Pages and pages of changes. This is the essential run down. I will respond with specifics where needed. I’ll bold the ones I know I’ll have more to say on.

Saving the biggest topic of all for Strategy







Doesn’t need a healer anymore: https://gfycat.com/IndelibleThickAfricanjacana

Jump in game and try her out. There are tons of changes and it will just be better to discuss her in a conversation format.



Patch Notes Tidbits

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The New Laning Game

Regeneration Globes

Healing Wells


Catapult Minions

Garden of Terror




Do you think that, outside of major reworks, is the constant tweaking of heroes bad for the game?

For me I visit HeroesNexus almost every day, watch ITN every week and I still can't keep up with the volume of hero changes made each patch. It almost feels that we are still in Beta and not over a year past launch, what do you think?


What do you think about a vote system for the maps before the game begins? In unranked and ranked games you would choose between two randomly selected maps, if the vote is tight the map for the game is chosen randomly between that two maps. Something like the Call Of Duty series had. Would you like it? Do you think some maps would be never picked? If yes which one?

Extra question:

What's your favorite map? Mine is probably Tomb of the Spyder Queen because I love to play specialists heores overall.



This is by far my weakest area in the game.

Most of the time I'm okay when it comes to positioning, soaking, objectives, etc.

But I feel like rotation is the big, burly bouncer who has decided to keep me out of the higher leagues. I've recently made it to diamond and I feel like sometimes I drag the team as I'm not quite on ball as I should be when it comes to rotation.

Can you give me some good pointers?


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