Please return completed form to Parker Family Farm, 38 Shady Lane, Newport, ME 04953

Contract Between Parker Family Farm and Member

½ Pastured Pig Share:  ________________total share at $500 per share for a total of $_________________.


Full Pastured Pig share:         _____________total share at $1000 per share for a total of $_________________.


Information and policies for Pastured Pig Shares, available at our blog:

By participating in the Parker Family Farm Pastured Pig Share, Member agrees to all Pastured Pig Share Policies available at the Parker Family Farm Blog.  Share payments are non-refundable.  

Non-refundable deposit of $100 due with Membership Agreement Form.

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The following contract is the complete agreement and contract between Ryan Parker and Parker Family Farm, d.b.a. Parker Produce, called “Farmer”, of Newport, Maine,   seller of Vegetables and pastured animals and the undersigned farm member, called “Member” of those services/products.  Services and products sold by Farmer are herein called “Products”.  This contract includes all Real Food Products produced and sold by Farmer.

Member represents to Farmer that Member is informed about the advantages of real foods derived from and on healthy soil, the facts which are contained in publicly available materials, including that food grown in and on healthy, biologically active soil contains many important beneficial enzymes, amino acids, micronutrients, minerals and vitamins, which are largely destroyed in the industrial, global food system.  Because of this knowledge the Member has requested to purchase Products from Farmer with the knowledge that Farmer does not hold a license to sell the Products.


Member and Farmer by this agreement do not intend to violate any existing Federal or State laws.  On the contrary, Member and Farmer understand that existing laws do not extend to contracts such as this agreement. Member assumes all risk for choosing to buy Products, and does not hold the Farmer or the state liable.


This contract is solely between Farmer and the undersigned Member, and is independent of any state or federal government or agency, or any regulations thereof.  This contract is binding on Farmer and Member, their heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, and shall remain valid and in effect, until terminated by a written document signed by Farmer and Member.


Whereas, that he/she is not acting under color of law to entrap, hurt, prosecute, or otherwise trespass/and/or and gather information for any agency, corporation, person or other entity to in any way negatively affect the Farmer.  Whereas, he/she is not aware of any medical condition that would prevent them or their family from eating or using raw, unprocessed or natural foods, including but not limited to Products from grass based animals.  Whereas, he/she agrees to this Disclaimer-Indemnity Clause: this private contract is for educated Citizens, who desire to and are pursuing their inalienable Rights, and/or are pursuing their own happiness, guaranteed by both the federal and state constitutions, and/or are seeking a better quality of life.  Whereas, he/she agrees that the parties, including Farmer and Member (who are at all times 100% responsible for their guests if applicable) agree and understand that we are all exposed to risks daily in every area of life.  We certify to each other that we have personally researched, studied and understand and agree that there are inherent risks in growing, raising, selling, sharing, cooking and eating raw and real foods, including dairy products, raw or cooked fresh vegetables and traditionally prepared animal products, etc., yet still want to get food as close to nature as possible.


Member also agrees to all policies regarding washing of produce, eggs, and all pastured animal policies available on the ‘Policies’ page at Farmer’s website:

I agree to be lawfully bound by the terms and conditions set forth within this Agreement:  Payment due with Agreement.