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1: state of being (understanding, knowing)

ána fahm alli anta btquluh

i understand what you’re saying

2: what someone is doing right now

hia naime

she is sleeping

3: someone/thing has been done (have lived etc.)

ħaŧiŧ iccure

i’ve put up the picture

for some verbs it must replace the imperfect form for current actions:

active participle


ána labsa badle

i’m wearing a suit (right now)

balbis badle

i (regularly) wear a suit

ána raiħ innadi

i’m going to the club

bruħ innadi

i (regularly) go to the club

oaml aih?

what’s up?

btoml aih?

what are you doing (right now)?

what do you do (job)?

Examples (infinitive):

oarif - know (orif)

fahm - understand (fihim)

ħaŧiŧ - have put (haŧ)

maji - going (miji)

raiħ - going (raħ)

ǵaib - is absent (ǵab)

often substitute mi for i of imperfect hua form:

going home - mrauaħ (rauaħ)

traveling - msafr (safr)

waiting - mstani (astny pron. istana)    - change final -a to -i

motion or action (going, coming, leaving, carrying)

gai gaie gaiin coming                                        raiħ raiħe raiħin going

maji majie majiin walking

uacl uacle uaclin arriving

xarg xarge xargin leaving, soundslike cargo                rago ragoe ragoin returning

naƶl naƶle naƶlin going down (out)                        mrauaħ mruħe mruħin going home

Talo Taloe Taloin going up

msafir msafre msafrin traveling                        mstani mstnie mstniin waiting

uaqf uaqfe uaqfin standing                                qaod qaode qaodin sitting

caħi caħie caħiin awake                                naim naime naimin sleeping

jail jaile jailin carrying                                uaxid uaxde uaxdin taking, caught (cold etc.)

uakul uakle uaklin eating

location (living, staying)

sakn sakne saknin living (place)

oaij oaije oaijin living (alive)

mental state (seeing, understanding, wanting)

oarif oarfe oarfin know

fakr fakre fakrin remember

fahm fahme fahmin understand

muaqf muaqfe muaqfin agree

jaif jaife jaifin see

mcadaq mcdqe mcdqin believe

oaiƶ oaiƶe oaiƶin want

samo samoe samoin hear


ána majie, oaiƶin ħaga?

i’m going out, want anything?

toban juie, ána uaxd bard (m)

tobane juie, ána uaxde bard (f)

a little tired, i’ve caught a cold

mj fakr alguab

i don’t remember the answer

ána mj oarf

i don’t know

naƶle oly ŧul

i’m going right down

(ána) raiħ issinma oly ŧul

i’m going to the cinema right away

sakn fi macr iggdide

i live in heliopolis

oaijin fi ámrika mn xms snin

they’ve been living in the US for five years

uaqfe/mstnie hna mn amty?

how long have you been standing/waiting here?

samo ħage?

do you hear something?

áhu gai

there he comes

mj mcadaq oinia!

i don’t believe my eyes!

With lse (usually still), it has the meaning I HAVE JUST ..

lse uakl   / lse uakla

(i’ve or he’s) just eaten / she’s just eaten

lse uacl

(i’ve or he’s) just arrived