Student and Parent Contract

The Unionville-Chadds Ford School District and Charles F. Patton Middle School are committed to preparing our students for a 21st century global society.  To that end, we are providing a Chromebook to all students with the goals of:

The Chromebook is first and foremost an educational device.  It is essential that this agreement be followed to ensure the safe, efficient, and ethical operation of these devices. As with all devices used in our schools, the UCFSD Acceptable Use Policy remains in effect.

Upon receipt of the technology fee associated with your selected Chromebook use option (check made payable to UCFSD) and the return of the signed Student and Parent Contract, students will have the opportunity to take Chromebooks home.  The due date to receive the signed contract and payment is September 6, 2016.  Both the contract and technology fee with the selected Chromebook use option should be submitted to the school main office, ATTN: Building Tech.

Handling, Care, and Use:

Parent Responsibility:

Chromebook Use and Purchase Options (Please select one)

The District retains management and administrative rights regardless of option selected.

_____ 1)  I would like to pay the $20 technology fee each year to cover the cost of the insurance and management of the Chromebook device.  I understand that this fee entitles my child to have access to their Chromebook in school and at home during the school year.  I understand that my child can also use the device over the summer breaks as well.  At the conclusion of my child’s time at Patton Middle School, I will return the device to UCFSD.

_____ 2)  I would like to purchase the device for $266 to cover the entire cost of the device and the management/insurance of the device.  The District Acceptable Use Policy remains in effect and all rules for handling, care, and use of the device and parent responsibilities still apply as outlined above.  At the conclusion of my child’s time at Patton Middle School or upon leaving UCFSD, the District will not continue to manage, administer, or insure the device.

_____ 3)  I would like to forgo the purchasing of a device and the $20 technology fee to insure the device.  I understand that the device will not be insured and that I am liable for any damage (intentional or unintentional) to the device and will need to make payment to UCFSD for repair costs and labor, when necessary.  I understand that this option entitles my child to have access to their Chromebook in school and at home during the school year, but not over summer break.

I agree and accept the terms of this agreement and student/parent contract.  Please contact the school to speak with a building administrator to discuss options if there are financial hardships.

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