JCR Committee meeting minutes - 21/01/18


All members present

Chair: Harry Gibbins (President)


By-election and referenda

-    Current lack of computing officer. By-election needed.

-    Referendum needed for JCR gender neutral toilets - need to review documents from college council.

-    Referendum on updated JCR constitution to be held in near future.

-    Was raised that current constitution no longer accurately reflects goals of JCR.

-    Run new constitution past law fellow(s) to ensure technical details are correct.

-    Plan to vote on week commencing 5th February



-        A number of JCR committee members wish to carry out surveys

-        Other college members want student input - particularly catering and development + alumni

-        Potential to combine all surveys from JCR committee members into a bigger annual survey

-        Importance of having skippable sections

-        Essential to maintain anonymity and control who sees results - potentially through Harry


TV room say subscription

-        Sky is £368 a quarter

-        Now TV is £462 a year

-        Potential to cut costs by replacing Sky with Now TV - but have paid for Sky this quarter

-        Would not lose variety of service

-        Potential to upgrade older TV in JCR using money saved

-        Make sure transcript of conversation with NOW TV is available



-    Concern that separate weekly emails from each welfare officer could flood inboxes and are often ignored as they are repetitive

-    Potential to combine emails from all welfare officers. Welfare officers will co-ordinate this amongst themselves

-    Need to make it clear that it’s from all welfare officers

-    Proposal to create general feedback forms of welfare officers - concern about need to specificity. General contact form is already available on the website.

-    One off event with Yoyo. Could be a good welfare event. Potentially a walk.


JCR website

-    All committee members to email Harry picture and few lines about self

-    Website needs revamp. Currently messy. Will put more focus on it more after computing officer is elected.


Catering revamp

-    Servery and Borradaile (check spelling) room particular focus on refurbishment.

-    Designer visiting 30th Jan. Between 1-1:30. Need focus group with cross-section of students.

-    Members of JCR to attend:

-    Ferdy

-    Arinjay

-    Estelle

-    Harry

-    Bar as cafe is very popular idea with JCR committee

-    Important to consider disability access - potential to raise awareness of lift to access hall.

-    Recognised that refurbishment is unlikely to involve structural changes.

Zero Carbon

-    Potential for social event in JCR in collaboration with Zero Carbon Cambridge - will be pursued by Laura.


Room bookings

-    Concerns that system not working

-    Current systems for college rooms like Diamond are slow and make it difficult for members of college


Women’s gym hour

-        Voted down by MCR in last referendum

-        Potential for another vote now.

-        Lack of other solutions proposed since last referendum, so greater support

-        Assumption is that it would be 1 hour a week

-        Impact on other users would be minimal

-        General feeling that existing alternative solution of posters was insufficient


Important dates for upcoming weeks

-    22/01/18 - Mental health training. As many JCR committee members to attend as possible.

-    29/01/18 - JCR committee - all expected to attend.