26.02.17 – Minutes

Apologies – Aliya, Maria, Josh, Pemi, Oliver

Outstanding Issues

Development Office Meeting – Ted

Governing Body – Ted and Harriet

Education Committee – Ted


Start a Selwyn Compliments FB Page – Kenneth

Ballot Procedure – Bea

Punt Scheme – Harriet

CATS Teashop – Jessie

Gender Neutral Toilets – Ted

Rehearsals for Drama in TV Room - Ted

Any Other Business

Report on the votes and discussion at the last CUSU Council - Emma

Gaia – RAG want to do an Easter Egg hunt, Harry will contact the Head gardener. Joint with Newnham and Robinson.

Bea brought Stash Bible – Queens do college dressing gowns. Does it cost us money to add items to the shop?

Amy and Harry now on the new Access committee.

Joint MCR events – any ideas?

Educations committee – study skills stiff from the MCR?

Three minute thesis competition

JCR Speakers – cupboard in the Diamond, not the ones in the JCR Office (as they are the Selwyn Jazz)

Hall Menus – why are they incorrect at the moment?

4th year rooms – not allowed to go in hostels, Dean doesn’t want the mixing of years. We can’t appeal it, college say it will save money so as college have little money it stands well. As a committee we are opposed to it, and will maintain that. Not productive to take protest action (no point boycotting hall). Bea forward any hate mail to Ted. Annoying that engineers included as it is technically non-optional if they want to graduate with an engineering degree.

19.02.17 – Minutes

Apologies – Sparse committee today

Outstanding issues

Sanitary Bins – Ted reporting for Bea

Faith forum - Harry

College Council – Ted and Harriet

Agenda Items

Gym Feedback – Gaia

College Media Policy – Ted and Charlie

CUSU Council on Monday – Emma

Balloting – Bea (Ted reporting)

JCR Poster - Ted

Wifi - Oliver

Buying bulk sanitary products - Jessie

JCR Redec – Ted

Any Other Business

Kenneth – fundraiser for Jimmy’s

Harry and Amy – Access tour

Ted - MCR member needs to use JCR speakers

Gaia - Wifi in the gym?

Gaia bought a laminator. Will live in the JCR Office? Charge a small fee to use it. 50p per sheet

12.02.17 Minutes

Apologies: Annie, Gaia

Outstanding Items

Halfway Hall

Welfare Meeting with Mike


Green Formal


Referendum procedures

Three minute Theses

Sanitary Bins in rooms – Harriet


JCR Poster

Wifi Changes - Oliver

Food Bank Collection Scheme

Jimmy’s Cambridge Donation

Campaigning - Claire

Feedback on awards - Claire

Aliya – library and archive meeting

Harry – Gardens committee

Rents liaison committee


Ted – Prevent committee

Ted – plug for BNOC status

04/02/17 - Week 3

Minutes by Charlie – Emma Harper absent

Harriet comments on sofa being comfortable.

Ted says he is dying. (hungover from Hermes/Sirens dinner)

Comments on absentees

JCR dinner:

Buildings/estates committee

Halfway hall

Faith group

Maria makes bad joke about minutes – ‘minutes not hours’. Committee discusses validity of joke.

Racial harassment

Meeting with Matt

Study groups – survey not filled out universally. Led by phd students? Revision led seminars option. Selwyn has writing fellow. Disparities between DOSs issue – how involved they are with students. Problem of tackling this issue. 24/7 library? College don’t want to encourage unhealthy work life balance. Just in easter term for exams? People work in their rooms anyway. Harriet can see the theory of this. Confusion as to who is involved in this at college level. Maria cracks joke. Ted advises to look at other colleges’ models.

Study groups – Development officer? More concerned with alumni. Possibly senior tutor, or Gina Vivian-Neal. Sheila Scarlett.

State of reimbursements

Meeting with Matt:

Bursaries testimonials


Aims on JCR spreadsheet. Committee encouraged to fill it in. Ted points out those who haven't.

Teashop discussed. Harriet reminds about teatowels, teabags and coffee. Bea has teatowels.

Kenneth – jcr stash. Harriet points out acc/services meant to do it? Not sure. That’s for general Selwyn stash. Ted bought jacket. Harriet thought last one was tacky.Colour of stash discussed. Everyone encouraged to come with ideas about design of stash

Everyone needs to get people to sign up for galentine’s day.

Constitutional rules over campaigning. Don’t use mailing list for campaigning. CUSU has issues about this.

29/01/17 - Week 2

Apologies: Aliya – at an interview in London


College Council – Ted and Harriet

CUSU Council – Ted and Emma

Accommodation Survey – Bea

Google Doc Contact form

Welfare Support Group

Selwyn Bar Quiz

Committee dinner with Roger


College gym - Gaia

Holding an open Faith Meeting – Harry

Publicising Treasurer Tips - Harriet

Improvements to Hall - Bea

Purchasing measures and speed pourers – Ents

Selwyn Laminator – Gaia

Feedback from BME campaign - Pemi

University Sexual Harassment policy - Annie

Internet and Website - Oliver

Access - Harry

Galentines Days – Annie and Welfare


Whole Committee – Bios and Photos to Oliver, term aims on the google doc. If time have a read of the constitution and highlight any potential issues or changes that need to be made in the next meeting.

Ted and Emma – Organise awards finalise plans for Halfway Hall

Harriet – Promote how to use the floats kept in the Plodge and begin sending out student money saving tips.

Charlie – continue in your search for a new name for the iLav.

Annie & Welfare & Ents – organise Galentines day activities.

Pemi – Speak to archives about BME alumni speakers and speak to the Dean about Selwyn’s racial harassment policy.

Access & Freshers Reps – Make an Official Selwyn Offer holders Facebook group and work with Stephanie and Michelle to reach out to reassure applicants if they have questions about Selwyn.

Gaia – if necessary organise an open meeting to discuss the gym. Contact college about purchasing more equipment, and replacing any faulty equipment.

Harry – organise the open meeting on Faith at Selwyn with Hugh.

Bea – Liase with Matt the concerns about Hall from the survey. Investigate the system that other colleges use when selling formal tickets online.

21/01/17 - Week 1

Aims for Week 1

Ted – ask Sheila about why the scaffolding is still in the staircase. Distribute list of meetings to be attended by committee members

Emma – Set up Anonymous Google Doc for communicating with the JCR Committee. Add to JCR FB page and try to upload the iLav and SelwInfo to FB in an accessible way.

Harriet – find out about setting up Tilt or Cashew for events.

Charlie – consult students about ideas for a new name for the iLav.

Bea – Evaluate results of the survey and make a plan for things that students want to change about hall and services. Make arrangements to consult with the catering department.

Oliver – Add Google Doc to the website and outline what can be improved on the JCR website.

Ents – Plan events for this term and make a calendar of plans.

Welfare Team – Plan the set-up of the support group. Develop anonymous advice system (and for distributing contraceptives). Publicise Peer2Peer. Publicise availability of the college nurse. Set up a meeting with all welfare officers, chaplain and senior tutor.

Harry – investigate organising Green and Ethics formal. Think about improvements that could be made to make college greener.

Everyone else – come up with what you want to achieve this term and discuss ideas at the next meeting.

Minutes – 21.01.17

First meeting of newly elected committee

Apologies from Oliver, and Annie (stuck in London after attending Womens’ march)

Discussion of JCR committee meeting ground rules

Those not received Handover document: BME, Communications, International. Ted will chase up.

College Meetings that need to be attended and by who. Ted will circulate the full list in due course.

  1. College council and governing body – Ted and Harriet
  2. Buildings and Estates committee – Bea
  3. Finance committee – Ted and Harriet
  4. Gardens committee - Harry G
  5. Library and Archives - Aliya
  6. Rents Liaison – Ted and Harriet

Agenda Items

  1. Finding a viable alternative to Women’s gym hours
  1. New Years Bop, Saturday 21st January – Dan and Eliza
  1. Setting up a Disabilities/Welfare support group – Abbie
  1. Welfare initiatives – Jessie and Kenneth
  1. Jessie asked for the best way to do this suggested a  – google form, return with written note marked with a code name in a welfare officers pidge.
  2. Aliya suggested looking at the mechanism for Peer2peer. Anonymous chat room through website.
  3. Charlie – Find out how the Varsity ‘agony aunt’ is run.
  4. Consult Oliver for any other possible IT ideas.
  1. Need a similar anonymous distribution system – google form, discreet envelope, in Welfare pidge, code name.
  1. Send out Google doc to ascertain interest. Ted doing training, good history of participation at Selwyn. Details on how to apply in Kenneth’s email.
  1. Welfare team would really like to try and get one.
  2. Abbie posted on Cambridge wide welfare group to determine which colleges currently have them. High percentage do. The research gives the committee a better standing to get something in place. Ted – money currently used for private counselling in emergencies. In exam term – need to be referred to university counselling service.
  1. Alternatives to JCR suggestion box – Emma
  1. Renaming the iLav – Charlie
  1. Charlie – needs something that tells you what it is. Information contained is university wide: may ball applications, internships, tiddly wink cuppers.
  2. Agreement that combining with SelwynInfo would be an overload of information.
  3. Ted suggested consulting the JCR members for ideas
  4. Jessie – CamInfo?
  5. Emma & Ted – start the sharing of SelwInfo and iLav on Fb, maybe as a google doc
  6. Charlie – important to email both individually – avoid too much spam
  7. Gaia – could trial different means of distribution, see which receives the most viewing?
  8. Eliza – ensure they are well formatted so are easy to read.
  1. LGBT+ History month
  1. JCR redecoration – Ted
  1. Website – to report to Oliver
  1. Any other business
  1. Ted – liaise with other colleges’ officers to determine how they got a community together. Attendance to Ted’s welfare hours last year increased after a term, as confidence increased about the role.
  2. Claire friends with Robinson LGBT+ officer so thinking of starting a Selwinson community. Gaia suggested organising Selwyn prinks pre-robinson rainbow event.
  3. Claire - print calendar of events in LGBT+ History month to distribute at themed tea shop on Feb 5th.
  1. Harriet unsure of the mechanisms for restocking and collecting money.
  2. JCR newspapers, used to pay for them but now old ones from fellows in the plodge.
  3. Make people aware of the newspapers and the vending machine.
  1.  Ted wants a JCR snapchat.
  2. Gaia – if people want to film stuff they can contact university film making service.
  3. Amy & Harry plan to make access videos so can share them there. Charlie – potential to link to ‘Students of Selwyn’.