The Black List

Rules of the List:

As the moderators running the list, we must abide by the following rules.

  • Every person listed under the consent violators category has been reported to us by a victim or a moderator, or called out online.
  • Moderators should not judge the validity of any claim, only that additions and removals happen according to the criteria below.
  • Adding someone to the list:
  • You can only add someone to the list without a link to a public accusation if you have been the victim of the sexual assault. This is to make sure that only names the victim wants to share will go out, because even well-intentioned friends may reveal information the victim never wanted people to know in the first place.
  • If you are not the victim, you can add people to the list by sending us a link to where a public accusation has been made.
  • If you are the moderator of a TNG group or a similar regional group, you can send us the names of known consent violators from your events.
  • If you are using the anonymous Tumblr service to add a name to the list, please include your handle.
  • Removing someone from the list:
  • A name can only be removed if the person who originally brought the name to our attention contacts us to retract their statement.
  • Moderators may not release the identities of the people who bring the information to us.

A few extra notes:

  • If you have any questions about the list, you must email the moderators at You can also reach us anonymously at
  • This list is not maintained on FetLife, so it will not be subject to erasure.
  • This document is open to anyone with the link, so feel free to share it with your friends.
  • This list bears no institutional power. There is no punishment for being on the list. It's more like a guideline for newcomers, a repository of things that have been said about a particular person. You can take it with a grain of salt if you wish. You can even dismiss it all as hearsay.
  • The point of this document is to give voice to the people who have been harmed by those named, when any other place questions the very legitimacy of their experiences. If this list can help even one future newbie avoid an assault through their extra diligence, then it's done its job.

Consent violators in the scene



NickCorsica (aka NicktheKnife)

rape with knife

masterv125 (aka Valentine)

shifty boundaries, consent violation


nonconsensual manual penetration


nonconsensual manual penetration


nonconsensual manual penetration

Lord Talion

consent violations from nonconsensual touching to rape, predator behavior

ByronicallyYours (aka Bartosz Szczypiorski)

nonconsensual SM, manipulative and coercive behavior

The_Upsetter (Mark Yu)

consent violation, rape

DarkTeddyBear/PenguinBear (aka Matthew - no longer on FetLife)

serial rapist and sexual predator with a long history of consent violations

JakeOfSpades89 (formerly BeyondTheSun89)

coercion to have sex, rape, victim blaming, threatening with violence to silence victims


consent violation, coercion to have sex, rape


consent violations, ignoring safewords, preying on new members of the community


used implements specifically not negotiated for in scenes; stalking and general creepiness


non-negotiated attempted hitting with a not-clean meat tenderizer; violating a trigger-related boundary; refusal to pull out immediately when told to stop

Theartistformelyknown (aka Sean)

nonconsensual, sudden and non-negotiated breathplay


hurting a bottom with a speculum, and refusing to remove it when the bottom withdrew consent


multiple consent violations; holding a bottom underwater without any prior negotiation

Lucia (formerly TattooedSailor)

nonconsensual touching (grabbing, kissing and feeling others); ignoring safe words at public events; engaging in others’ scenes without consent


verbal and emotional abuse toward past partners

MisterPatrickRI (aka ADIRI, Shamrock, Marquis de Shamrock, Patrick)

consent violations; emotional abuse; threats of violence; ignoring safewords; outing people

Joe_Boom (aka Joe, Boom_63, Uncle_Boom, ThugJuice, bottom_bear, MiLadysDarkHorse)

threatening to out a victim to family; violating a hard limit; emotional abuse and manipulation; stalking; cyber-stalking; threats of violence

evilstalker (aka the__machine, Aaron Craig Miner)

multiple consent violations; stalking; harassment; sexual assault; coercion; mental and physical abuse; retaining videos and photos of former partners; unsafe sex with strangers