How to Exclude Specific Websites from Your

AdWords Ad Campaigns


  1. Sign into AdWords (
  2. Click into your account
  3. In the lower right-hand corner, select Shared Library

  1. In the left-hand navigation, select Campaign placement exclusions

  1. You may have a list of placements applied to your campaigns already. If not, click +List

  1. Name your list and enter the website you want to exclude your ads from serving on (e.g. Then click Save.

  1. After you Save you need to apply the exclusion list to campaigns.
  2. To apply the list to ad campaigns, click the checkbox to the left of the list.

  1. Click Apply to campaigns

  1. Search for your campaigns and move them over to “Selected campaigns” by clicking the tiny right-facing arrows. Then click Save.

  1. You’re done! Your ads won’t serve on the websites you added to the exclusions list anymore.