How to Share a Book Creator book to Google Drive and Create a QR Code for It

1. Within BookCreator open the book you want to share. Click the “open-in” icon. Select “Google Drive”. Book Creator ScreenShot.png

2. Go to Google Drive.  Make sure you pay attention to what this file (book) is called because you will have to search for it in Drive. If you will be receiving several files from students, I would create a folder in your drive to hold the stories.

3. When you find the file in Google Drive, notice it ends in .epub. This is the file type for Book Creator. Click on this file name. The file will not open if you are on our classroom computers, it does not recognize the file as it only opens in Book Creator on an iPad or on a Mac. You will see this:

book creator opened in drive.png

Open with Google Drive Viewer. Now you will see this.

4. You will now see this screen. Remember, no preview is available because Google Drive does not recognize a Book Creator file on our classroom computers. When you open this file in Google Drive on an iPad you will be able to open the Book in Book Creator or iBooks. The red arrow is pointing to the URL you will use to create your QR code.

  5. Take this URL and place it in a QR code creator. On a computer I use:   On the iPad I have used a few different free apps. Some apps are both a QR scanner and a QR creator. They all work the same. Make sure you place your URL in the URL option in your QR creator.  Your URL will appear to the right. Step 6 QR code Book Creator.pngNew Step 3 Book Creator to Drive QR.png

6. At this point you have several options of saving your QR code.

Once you copy this URL you can insert it into a Google Drive Document

QR Code SHARE.png

In your new Google Drive document, click on INSERT in the menu bar. Select “BY URL”.

Paste the URL you took from QR Creator. Your QR code will appear in the document. I then add a label to the QR code so you remember what it opens. From here you can print it if you desire.

Insert image URL.png

Update: New Way to generate and keep track of QR codes with less steps!

The above steps can be time-consuming, but I just discovered another cool way to generate a QR code and keep track of them on a spreadsheet. This was created by Tammy Worcester, a technology integration specialist that I have networked with. Here is a link to the spreadsheet where Tammy has created formulas that generate a QR code from a URL link automatically in a cell in the spreadsheet. QR code Spreadsheet Generator 

Be careful not to change the formulations in the cells.

QR code spreadsheet.png

How to Create your QR code right from the iPad.

1. Within BookCreator open the book you want to share. Click the “open-in” icon. Select “Google Drive”. Book Creator ScreenShot.png

2. Next  you will see this on your iPad. You will need to search for this Document in Google Docs when you are finished uploading. Notice the file name.

iPad screenshot upload photo.PNG

3. Find your uploaded file in Drive by searching for it. Once you find the document, whether in list or tile view, you need to click on the i.  (see red arrow)Google Drive List (QR).pngtile view in Google Drive.png

4. Now you will see this menu.

Here is where you can get the link to put into an iPad QR code creator app. Google Drive iPad Menu Options.png