The Wrath Of Ryan

Previously, Vihaan found out he had powers and he was a savior. Far away, there was an evil sorcerer, named Ryan, who casted a spell to make the whole world evil. Vihaan made a force field to protect the world but Ryan found a way to put his spell through that. The spell hit everyone and Vihaan was just about to get hit, but the spell didn’t affect saviors. Vihaan found Ryan’s layer and sneaked inside, but Ryan already knew he was there. Ryan created a trap for Vihaan and the trap was just about to go down on Vihaan. But Jackson came out of nowhere and blocked the trap for Vihaan and he warned Vihaan to watch out for traps. Vihaan was walking through the hallways looking at the heads on walls and blood dripping out of walls. Ryan saw Vihaan wasn’t in the trap so he set out lasers to zap Vihaan. The lasers were about to hit but Jackson came in from a rope and the lasers hit him! Tushu panted when he saw Jackson was dead so he dragged Jackson through the hallways with blood dripping through his back. Ryan was really mad that his trap failed so he set out a new trap but when Ryan wasn’t looking, he threw a rock to distract him. He hacked into his spell and the machine made Vihaan give up his magic to save the world. So, Vihaan had to choose and he made the choice to save the world but before he let his powers loose he made one last spell. His spell book had forbidden him from making someone come back to life but since Vihaan was going to lose his powers, he made Jackson come back to life and then he made the spell stop and gave away his powers. The machine said, “Initiating self destruction in 3...2...1…”. Vihaan lost his powers but at least everyone was safe. Vihaan looked at a picture with his first spell and was feeling something inside his stomach. It was a shiny green dot that was the system of his magic. Vihaan’s powers were back! Vihaan jumped up and down, Vihaan told everyone that he had his powers back. And after that day Vihaan lived happily forever.  

The End

(For Now)

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