Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Eredar demon lord and second in rank of the Burning Legion, Kil’jaeden sold out his home to obtain power promised by Sargeras. Forever upset at Velen’s escape from this transformation, part of Kil’jaeden’s quest included hunting down the remaining draenei to crush them once and for all.

Due to this drive, the demon lord came into contact with Azeroth and Draenor and began involving himself in ways that would have disastrous effects on both worlds, including the creation of the Lich King. Now, however, it seems Kil’jaeden’s time is drawing near as inhabitants of Azeroth plan to bring the fight to the home of the burning legion itself.

Jeff’s Choices


Assassin/Tank Multi Class

Trait- “The Deceiver”

Kil’jaeden has a hidden trait from his enemies called The Deceiver. Kil’jaeden starts with a health pool that is small and this is when in this phase he is an assassin. All of his damage dealing abilities and autoattacks deal extra damage, but he takes increased damage from the enemy. When this health bar is depleted he doesn't die, but instead becomes a tank that has a full health bar and takes reduced damage from enemies. While in tank phase Kil’jaeden takes reduced damage from the enemy but will do significantly less damage to the enemy using his auto attacks and abilities. Kil’jaeden can not choose what phase he is in, he only switches between forms between deaths. If he dies in the tank phase he goes on his death timer and will return in Assassin phase. Each phase is worth 75% experience to the enemy.

Mount- Massive Felbroken Shrieker (Armored Felbat)

Q- “Fel Gash”

Kil’jaeden reaches forward with his massive claw and slashes the enemy dealing tons of damage in the assassin phase. During the Tank phase this ability deals very little damage but marks a target with Fel energy and they take increased damage from all attacks.

W- “Sargeras’ Influence”

This is a basic active buff to Kil’jaeden based on his current phase. In the assassin phase if it is active Kil’jaeden’s basic attacks will also deal damage over time. If he is in the tank phase and this is active when he auto attacks an enemy they will be slowed.

E- “Fel Crystal”

Creates a fel crystal on the battlefield that will target an enemy hero in range with a fel beam. In assassin phase this beam deals consistent damage to the enemy that is in range. In the tank phase the beam will target Kil'jaeden himself, granting him a health leech aura that will drain the health of enemies in range and return it to Kil’jaeden as health.

Heroic 1- “Armageddon”

Kil’jaeden will call on a large meteor to fall on a targeted hero in range. The meteor falls slowly from the sky and deals massive damage split among all heroes that are hit by it. If only one hero is hit by the meteor the following happens:

Assassin Phase: Kil’jaeden will stand in place and begin to pulse with demonic energy that deals large amounts of damage to enemies in range of him. He is unable to move during this ability.

Tank Phase: Kil’jaeden is fully healed and is able to re-engage in the fight.

Heroic 2- “Shadow Reflection” 

Kil’jaeden creates a reflection of a target hero in range. This hero will fight for Kil’Jaeden and will be the same level as the friendly team. The type of random hero that is summoned is dictated by Kil’jaeden’s phase:

Assassins Phase: a Damage dealer will be summoned and will be on the battlefield for a short amount of time.

Tank Phase: a support character will be summoned and will only support Kil’jaeden. This shadow reflection will last longer than the assassin reflection.

All Shadow Reflections are targetable by both teams and will be on the battlefield until their health bars are depleted or their timers run out.

Specialty Skin: Used Car Salesman Kil’jaeden

Dance: Fel Emo Guitar appears and Kil’jaeden plays a emo tune

Kristen’s Choices

This isn’t even my final form.




        Assassin (burst)


        Too Big for This World

Kil’jaeden still hasn’t fully returned to Azeroth thus he never fully enters the Nexus. You are put in control of one of his servants. This servant then lays a portal on the battlefield so Kil’jaeden can pop out to make his appearance. Once half out, you control Kil’jaeden.



Click on your destination and the servant will enter a portal and arrive where decided.


Summon Followers

Always one to hire on the most promisingly powerful, Kil’jaeden brings those converts forward, materializing them out of thin air. These converts lock on to the nearest target (prioritizing Heroes over minions). Some are melee and some are range, some are basic attack and some are ability damage.


Phenomenal Cosmic Power

Just like with Akaari, Kil’jaeden bestows seemingly limitless amounts of power to his ward. During this, you take care of the servant, a now extremely volatile force. Glowing purple, this monster does a lot of basic attack damage while emitting an aura of pain.



Kil’jaeden summons a storm on the battlefield that allows him to quickly layout where five fireballs come crashing to the earth. Once the locations are decided, the heavens let loose.


Only For Now

Summoning as much power as he can, Kil’jaeden steps from his portal, fully entering the Nexus. Enormous and dangerous, he lets loose damage in amounts never before seen. His ability bar includes causing fire to shoot up from the ground, 10 fireballs instead of five, and overloading an enemy hero with too much power.



In an area around him, Kil’jaeden forces all enemies to kneel before his greatness. Depending on how many are captured within this area, one third of them will die, rounded down. If there are three, one will die. Six, two will die, and so on.


        Genie Jafar

The black goatee, the red skin, the rad bracers - it’s all there.



        Juggle Fireballs

Kil’jaeden summons three fireballs and proceeds to show us what he’s been practicing all these years.