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March 12, 2018

Re: Francisco Hernandez Arellano (DOB: 06/04/1965)


To whom it may concern,

In the first paragraph introduce yourself, any details about yourself you want to share (completely optional), and your relation to Francisco (close friend, family, concerned community member, etc.). You can explain how you met, and/or explain why you are writing (to support Francisco to immediately get released from the Nevada Southern Detention Center - Salt Lake City Field Office so he can return to his family.

In the following paragraphs detail the good qualities about him, especially mentioning his strong presence in the community, his role in the community, and his good moral character.

About Francisco Hernandez Arellano:

As the breadwinner of his family, Francisco needs to come home to supporting his children continue to prosper. He is a pillar of the community and exemplary role model for his children and a larger community. This community is now urging/demanding Las Vegas Clark County Jail/ ICE for his immediate release. He is always very happy telling everyone about his jokes and funny stories when he was a kid. He has found time for this, even when he never stops working from the Monday-Sunday.

On Friday evening of March 9th, my father Francisco Hernandez Arellano, was pulled over for a traffic stop as he was coming back home from work in Las Vegas. In front of my mother, he was immediately taken into custody to Las Vegas Clark County Jail and upon his arrival to jail an ICE hold was placed on him. As we speak, Las Vegas Clark County Jail chose to handle him over to ICE. HE IS CURRENTLY UNDER ICE CUSTODY. We are currently seeking for letters of support that talk about the good character of my dad to stop his deportation.

Best regards,

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