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What is (and what isn’t) Liquid Quarry Concrete
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What is (and what isn’t) Liquid Quarry Concrete

The purpose of this document is to allow potential purchasers of our product a realistic expectation about the concrete you will receive.

Liquid Quarry concrete is handmade by us in our Oakville Ontario studio. We can make the concrete to a dimension supplied to us, but we mostly make it from templates we create on the surface the concrete will cover. We make concrete that weighs about the same as other stone products averaging about 10 pounds per square foot. Even though it can appear to be any thickness, the surface is typically less than an inch thick.

People buy our concrete because they find it beautiful and because it can be made to  almost any shape. Concrete is an organic and very imperfect material which we strive to make as perfect as is desired. These imperfections are what makes the concrete perfect to those that have seen it and know it is for them. If the only concrete that you have seen is in a magazine picture shot from 10 feet you may be in for a surprise when you see concrete up close. The surface is anything but plain and consistent. Although it can be made to feel as smooth as glass, tiny differences in coloration, microscopic cracks in the surface (sealed of course), sand revealed in polishing and mold marks make concrete a very interesting surface to look at. Upon close examination, no two pieces of concrete, even if made from the same mix, are exactly the same.

Concrete takes time to make. We can turn out concrete in a matter of days, but if the concrete is delivered before it is ready, the surface may not be at it’s maximum strength and may not have reached full stain resistance. From the time we can template, complicated pieces may take up to four weeks or more to deliver.  Because concrete made by us is practically as dense as marble or granite, we offer similar stain resistance as we use almost the same sealers. With the same care you’d afford any natural stone product, you can expect the same result. Acidic substances such as lime juice or hot sauce should be removed as quickly as is practical. Most other agents should pose no problem unless left for days. Although we don’t have to do it very often in spite of the huge amount of concrete we make, concrete can be repaired and resealed.

After building thousands of square feet of concrete, we tend to agree with the designers we work with often when we recommend that concrete should look like concrete  We are sometimes asked to make concrete that looks like marble, or in bright colours. We will always take our clients direction, as long as we can be sure that our product can match their expectation.