How do I reach my son if there is an emergency at home?

Please contact Director Stephan Price at 503-893-8939 before you contact your child. After that, you may also contact your son if he is carrying a cell phone.

Where will we stay/What will we eat?

Citizens stay in the dorms at Willamette University. Typically, they will have one roommate, but possibly can have up to two.  Students eat three meals per day in the Goudy Dining Hall on the Willamette Campus.  This is all included in the price.

Can friends and/or family visit me at Boys State?

No. The program is fast paced and not designed for citizens to have visitors. Parents must request a visit, in advance by contacting The Director so as to not disrupt the citizen while in the performance of his duties. No other visitors during the week with the exception of the talent show.The only exception to this is the talent show and graduation, which is on Saturday. Please also refrain from texting or otherwise communicating with family and friends. Focus on the program and you will have more fun.

Do I need a physical for Boys State?

Yes, this is highly recommended. However, we do not require proof, as the citizen's parents certify to health of the citizen prior to camp.

What kinds of items should I bring?

See the How to Prepare for Boys State page.

Can I bring a cell phone / smart phone?

Yes. Common sense and courtesy are required, however. Violations may result in revocation of this privilege.

If I drive to Boys State, is there a place to park my car?

Yes. The fee is $20, and you will be given a card to put on your dash with specific parking instructions. Afterwards, you must turn in your keys to the Director or his designee during check-in. Temporary parking during registration and graduation for parents and visitors is free.

What will I need to do if I have to leave early?

If you attend, you are required to attend the entire program until graduation on Saturday. If you cannot attend the entire week, please do not apply. Exceptions to the policy must be approved in advance by The Director and your parents have been identified as the one(s) who is/are picking you up.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I may have to arrive after the registration line is closed. What should I do?

As soon as you know you will be arriving late, contact the Director at 503.893.8939.

What time are we dismissed on Saturday?

Usually after 1 p.m. on Saturday. Your parents and friends are invited to the closing ceremonies.

Can I leave campus during the week?

We take occasional field trips to the capital or other venues as authorized by The Director. Otherwise, you must remain on campus the entire time, unless specifically authorized by the Director on campus and your parents have been identified as the one(s) who is/are picking you up. Citizens are not allowed to go beyond the boundaries unless specifically approved by The Director. The boundaries are State Street, 12th Avenue, High 22/99E, and Winter Street SE. If a citizen goes beyond those boundaries without specific permission he will be removed from the program. We will contact your parents, sponsor and high school and explain to them why you are being sent home and why their fees will not be refunded.

How much money do I need to bring?

All your meals are covered. Extra money can be used for snacks (we have lots of good snacks and drinks!) and any souvenirs you might want to purchase (i.e., jackets, shirts, etc). However, we are not responsible for lost or stolen articles or money.

My friends and I are coming to Boys State. What are the chances of us rooming together?

Hopefully little. One of the major benefits of the program is the chance to meet and network with new friends. The only exception to this are due to medical issues, which must be approved by Director.

Can I do Laundry while at Boys State?

Yes!  In fact, we would appreciate it!  Coin-operated laundry facilities are available on campus and in some of the dorms.  Also, if you don’t have laundry soap, we sell that at the Boys State store.

I am diabetic. Is that a problem?

No. This is our standard protocol for citizens with diabetes:

*Or the Senior Commission Member, if the Medic is unavailable.

I assume alcohol, tobacco, and drug use are not allowed at Boys State.

A good assumption. But in case you were wondering, if you are caught in possession of, or using alcohol or drugs, you will be sent home immediately. This includes Vaporizers, chew, marijuana in any form, or unauthorized drugs. We will contact your parents, sponsor and high school and explain to them why you are being sent home and why their fees will not be refunded.

There is no American Legion in my hometown. Whom should I contact for sponsorship?

Contact The American Legion Commission Chair, Mr. William Chan.  (541) 232-8192 wchan@bendbroadband.com  or visit http://www.orlegion.org and click “Find a Post”

What about the Talent Show?

One of the highlights of Boys State is the Talent Show. See the schedule for the specific time and location of the Talent Show. This is a chance for you to show off your uniqueness and special abilities! Auditions will be held Monday evening, with a rehearsal to be held on Thursday. Feel free to bring an instrument, prop, or other item if you need it during the talent show. Family is invited to this special event!

What Services are available on Campus?

All located on the first floor of Putnam Hall.