Group Members: ______________________________________

Ancient Civilization: ___________________________________



Part 1 - Content:

All questions on ancient civilization addressed:

1. What was your culture’s basic understanding of morality?

2. What main concepts underlie their morality?

3. How did it shape their daily lives?

4. What were some of the statutes of morality? Philosophies?

5. What were laws like in this civilization?  Who made the laws?  

6. What were the consequences for breaking these laws?


Part 2 - Content:

1. Created empire shows a complete addressing of issues that may arise in society.  Laws made effectively address different areas of morality

2. How laws fit into Maslow’s hierarchy is show.


Presentation Skills:

Every group member spoke, Group members knew their subject material, Group members faced the audience, did not constantly read from the screen, and could be heard the entire time


Collaboration: Group was on task during work time in class

Clear collaboration seen in class presentation


Technology use: 

Powerpoint or prezi was clear, readable, and engaging

Images were used at least 1 per slide - video? Works cited?


Bonus: 1 part of presentation stood out above the rest, students went the extra mile to explain their content to us