Tablets and Mobile Technologies

Delayna Breckon (Central Washington U), Ryan Ingersoll(Seattle Pacific), Dan Martensen(Whitman College), Gloria Doherty (George Fox), Weiwei Zhang (Reed College), Kimmy Hescock (Oregon State University)



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How do you manage devices?

GD: Personalize them and then wipe them when they are returned. They need to be personal to be useful. Faculty eats the cost of apps.

They check them out as trials and then determine whether they want to buy them or the dept wants to buy them.

Reed: Loaned to students and then offered students half price cost to buy them to keep.

Apps and class lessons dont always sync up in useful ways. Foreign language given as example.

SoundCloud - created as sound cloud for musicians, but can be used for foreign language. Free. Can also be usedon laptop.

Poll Everywhere - use from any device, phone included

Have you surveyed your student body to see what type of devices they are using?

GD: matrix of apps in categories to help faculty decide what to use to meet certain needs.

Doceri app - free on tablets, cost $50 on computer

Nearpod - polling, quizzing, collaborative whiteboard

stations to learn - move from station to station to learn at own pace

google doc for station, maybe google apps for example, where people can collaborate

RI: video? how do you manage video devices? ipads can be awkward, flips are no more.

DB: tripods exists for ipads; used with Fuse the Camtasia Relay app

GD: low end cameras that students can checkout

DB: one button push video recording studio. pre set up lighting and basic set up so that faculty or students can go and easily create high quality video recordings.



students are more inclined to replay a video if its 10 minutes or less. break down info into chunks instead of full length class lecture capture.

short videos are more effective and easier to review.

Apps for your school? Is feedback encouraged?

GD: web based app. encourages anyone in the uni to give feedback. has polling/surveys available to get feedback to influence implementation

DB: central had BB make thier mobile app but separate from their dept so not a lot of influence there

KH: CWS develop in house.

RI: App is kind of a mess at Seattle Pacific

Favorite Apps?

WZ: chinese character apps, can't remember name. can be inconsistent but students like it.

GD: Malmaison - virtual tour of real building that you can walk through. Crazy amazing.

KH: Jennifer Elliott from University of Cincinnati has app that overlys old historical city over current day city

Junaio augmented reality app 1% for art walking tour.

DM: WolfWalk from NCSU

Responsive design? sites change to accomodate device type.

KH - yes, supports device recognition. see for good example.

GD - yes, gives option of mibile vs full site