Hello Prospective Investor,

Mogul Mineral Reserve (MMR) is looking to open itself to public investment. MMR is a Mogul Financial backed organization, that’s purpose is to create a stockpile of minerals. These minerals will be used to stock any Sotiyo that Mogul has a stake in, as well as any public Sotiyos that are anchored that we have leveraged a broker deal with.

Our first round of funding is looking for a total of 100B ISK. Anyone with larger than a 2.5% stake in the funding will be disclosed to the public to increase transparency. The maximum investment we’re looking for per investor is 5B ISK. Mogul Financial is the only investor that can go higher than 5B. We’re also looking for a minimum of 1B per investor.

The guaranteed return will be 1.5%, with 50% of the profit - 1.5% returned as dividends.

The MMR started in late December, with private investments. These have since been dissolved into current shareholders, and will be disclosed in the next investment report. The total investment at that time was 40 bil. The breakdown for January is as follows:

Total Profit (Reported by Mogul): 1,754,258,256.00

1.5% Return: 675,000,000.00

Remaining: 1,079,258,256.00

50% of the Remaining as Dividends: 539,629,128.00

The effective overall return percentage came out to be 2.7%, with the majority earning 2.94%. We had a late investor, who only received dividends for 8 days of the month.

If you are interested in investing in the MMR, please contact Jeronica via Discord. He will then get you confirmed as a shareholder, and added to the roster. He’ll then advise you to send the isk to the corporation.

Once the funding round has been completed, investments will be turned into virtualized shares on the EVE-Mogul Organizations system. This is still in alpha development stage, but should be finished before the next dividend payment. These shares will be tradable on the Mogul Exchange, as soon as that’s out of development as well.

Thank you,


MMR Operator, Mogul Financial Founder/CEO