Conversation: Friday Nov 3 at 11:30 am PST


dotertwoo: Drone Logic

dcjdesign: just singing up. im always down for new inspiration

“totally. newsletters aren't doing it at all for me lately. i'm involved in both the culinary & running communities and there's a ton of innovation and groundbreaking stuff in both that inspires me, but my inbox has been a desert lately. so little of value that's it's kind of a bummer”

obsttorte_: The emails feel really organic and related to what’s going on in real life. They’re ideas and concepts that get to be chewed on personally, and then usually get brought up naturally in conversation with my business team.

twistedinc: I think we all probably have a file/folder where we drop those things we see as we wander the web. I think it's like composting. Everything in there stews and if you remember to go and have a look from time to time you can grow/fertilise some new ideas (This analogy needs pruning...)

tripstakepeople: DC here

aphroditesmiles: Montreal

dotkirsten: perfect

obsttorte_: Panama City Florida

dotertwoo: Oslo/Wilmington

twistedinc: Dublin, Ireland

RileyPsyches: nyc

twistedinc: Another solitary designer here. Do you find that working alone limits the scope of the jobs you can take on?

dotkirsten: I struggle myself with getting non-designers onboard with my ideas...even though explain my reasoning behind it. Any tips?



We used to keep a list of our favorite links and what we found inspiring online in a google doc for our team to share. Then we decided that was greedy, so now we made it public for all to view.

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  • twistedinc: One guy I feel has consistently managed to nail the newsletter is the writer Warren Ellis. He never fails to mention what he has out and what he is working on, but it is always preceded by a missive that feels authentic and unmodulated by marketing. He also signal boosts others as often as he mentions his own work



The story behind the voice of Siri.

Humble, Kendrick Lamar music video.

Sylvan Esso

How I built my own iPhone from scratch.

Satisfying videos of Dominoes.

My Fully Optimized Life.

The Colors of Motion


All of the ways you can decline an offer.

50 Cent discusses fear.

Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev



Ten Meter Tower 

Make Better Art

David Bowie Interview 

Tones of Dirt & Bone 

Paul McCartney on working with Kanye West. 

Frank Ocean’s Open letter & song Summer Remains 

How I Built This 


Louis C.K. On Marc Maron. 

Jim Carrey Golden Globe Speech 

Make Better Art

Don’t Complain, Create

Make it Count

Ride or Die


Jim Carrey Golden - Globe Speech

Keegan Michael Key - Off Camera

Bo Burnham - Make Happy

Talking Funny

Kazoo Kid - Trap Remix

The Bootstrappers Bible - Seth Godin

Daily Zen 

Finding Your Purpose

The War of Art

Consider the Lobster

David Bowie - Inspiration Interview

Steve Jobs

Brian Eno

Nicholas Jaar - Boiler Room

The DTS Spring Playlist 

Jason Kottke


Patti Smith Never Wanted to be an Artist



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