2017-­18 CHS BYOD Intent Form

As a student who currently brings your own device, for 2017-18 you have the option of continuing to use your own device, or you may choose to participate in the Chromebook program.  If you wish to participate in the Chromebook program, you must return this intent form by Friday, May 12, 2017.  

Chromebook devices are similar to laptops, but with a browser and no other software, and typically have a much longer battery life than laptops.  They are especially suitable for tasks which require a keyboard, as well as for making use of Google tools such as docs, sheets, slides, etc.  CHS is implementing this device for all incoming freshmen and new students.

The Chromebook program has several advantages over the old iPad program.  The school will retain ownership and there are no lease costs.  Repair costs are significantly lower, and the maintenance fee for take-home is only $15 per year.  You would still receive one free repair each year.  Typical repair costs after that are about $30 for broken screens and other common repairs.

If you prefer to continue to bring your own device, a chromebook will not be provided to you.  Suitable BYOD devices are iPads, laptops, and Chromebooks.  Smart phones and cell phones are NOT considered suitable devices for your school work.  

Please visit with your parents or guardian about your options for 2017-18.  If your parents or guardian would like more information or to ask questions, we will host two optional, informational parent meetings at 7 PM on May 2 and May 11 in the high school auditorium.  Students are welcome to attend as well.  

Please complete the reverse side and return this document to the high school office no later than Friday, May 12, 2017.

Please note that if we do not receive your form by this date, we will assume that you plan to continue to provide your own device and a chromebook will not be provided to you. 

Please be sure to include the student’s full name, the parent or guardian’s full name, and the parent or guardian’s email address.

For more information, please visit http://techcafe.cozadschools.net/

CHS iPad Intent Form


Class of: 20_____

Student’s Full Name (required ­ please print)

Parent/Guardian's Full Name (required ­ please print)

Parent/Guardian's email address (required ­ please print)

*2017 Summer take­-home is only available for those students who plan to continue leasing an iPad, and only if the device protection fee for 2017-­18 has been paid, OR you choose to purchase and you pay for your device in full.

For the 2017-18 school year, I will (please mark only one)...

❏  Participate in the CHS Chromebook program.  (Other than the $15 maintenance fee for take-home, there is no cost for you to participate).

❏  Continue to provide my own laptop, iPad or Chromebook.  I understand that this will be my student device and no school Chromebook will be provided.

(student signature)        (date)

(parent or guardian signature)        (date)

For more information, please visit http://techcafe.cozadschools.net/