Feminist Economics Resources

our (constantly evolving) tenets of feminist economics:

-value primarily exists outside of money

-we must value people outside of their economic productivity

-individualism is counterproductive, but collectivity and community are more efficient ways of producing wealth

-we must distrust standardized measurement, which is based in money/quantitative and not well being/qualitative measures

-value is produced by an expanded form of labor including all people, carework, reproductive work, the work of the earth, animals, etc

For me (Cassie), feminist economics is a potential practice—a set of strategies that are to be experimentally determined collectively—for producing new ways of organizing society from the babies up. My hope is that the words “feminist economics” can be a generative placeholder for the idea of a future economy that doesn’t use money as its main tool, or maybe more accurately as a distraction from what we actually value. I rely on social reproduction theory, which posits that all the exploitative, competitive capitalist economy is built on top of a groundwork of (usually unpaid or underpaid) reproductive labor . While this essential labor is chronically and necessarily devalued by capitalism, it is the most valuable thing for the reproduction of life  Can we, by reversing the devaluation of life— the reproduction of the species, of species health, of relationships and political/social cooperation— produce an economy that is actually feminist and that honours the work of social reproduction that is now erased? And in producing new forms of social organization that don’t rely on, or profit off of, this invisibilization, exploitation and abuse, can we begin to erode the systems that reproduce inequality, racism, misogyny and self loathing?


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