Viewing Course Statistics

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Viewing Course Statistics

Viewing Course Statistics

With Statistics Tracking you can run a report to view detailed information about your content, including how many times an item was viewed by students and when it was accessed.

To view the statistics of your course:

  1. Navigate to the course shell in Blackboard that you wish to view the statistics of.

  1. Expand the Evaluation menu under Course Management and click on Course Reports.

Course Reports.png

  1. On the next page, click on the arrow next to All User Activity inside Content Areas and click Run.

Course Report Run.png

  1. It will take you to another page with options about the report. Under the second section, you can select:

  • The format you wish to export the report as (PDF, HTML, Excel, Word)

  • The Start Date (where the report will begin)

  • The End Date (where the report will stop)

  • Users to include in the report. To select multiple students hold down CTRL and click each individual student to highlight them

  1. Once you have finished editing the options above, press Submit. It will start calculating the report.

  1. After the report has been completed, you have three options on how to continue. You can either Save the report to your Content Collection, or Download Report to your local computer. Be sure to save the report using one of the two options. If you navigate away from this page without saving the report, it will be lost.

Course Report Save.png

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