Juneau Co-op Preschool

Family Job Descriptions

[The list of Family Jobs varies slightly from year to year in an ongoing effort to match

parents’ time and talents with jobs that support the smooth running of a cooperative preschool.]

Board Positions (*)

*BOARD CO-PRESIDENT     (2 positions - one incoming, one outgoing)

Run board meetings, delegate new action items to appropriate board members, assure that various parent jobs are completed, review and revise preschool policies & procedures, and assist instructors in the smooth operation of the preschool.  2-year commitment preferred.


Provide administrative support to the Board in accordance to preschool bylaws. Participate as an officer on the Board. The secretary is responsible for taking minutes or arranging for minutes to be taken at all board meeting. Also, the secretary is responsible for maintaining complete personnel files on teachers and coordinating the annual evaluations of the teachers and the preschool program each spring.

*TREASURER (2 positions - one incoming, one outgoing)

Be responsible for collecting and depositing all monies coming into the preschool, account for payments, and maintain detailed totals of each bank deposit. Reconcile bank accounts. Create regular budget reports and present at monthly board meetings. Arrange for and/or monitor the payment of preschool bills, purchase reimbursements and payroll.  Coordinate with Presidents, who are the only check signers.  Some summer duties to pay bills (i.e. once a month.) Outgoing treasurer trains and assists incoming, though only one treasurer serves on as a board member. File and/or prepare all federal and state reports when due. Knowledge of Quickbooks is helpful.


Register students into the preschool during the summer and school year. Serve as the first contact for the preschool for new and interested students and their families.  Explain the program requirements and philosophy to prospective members and provide registration materials for parents to complete.  Maintain the master class lists and waiting lists. Fill classes following preschool policy.

*CLASS REPRESENTATIVES   (2 positions - one for each class)

Provide coordination and communication between the Board and parents in each class, and facilitate school function. At the beginning of each semester, use preschool guidelines to develop parents’ classroom work-day schedules, ensuring work and snack days are evenly spread among the class parents and accommodating family requests as much as possible.  Organize class and preschool gatherings, such as the Potluck/Family Dance in the fall and the All-School picnic at the end of the year in May.


Provide overall coordination, guidance and support to fundraising events. Assist individual event coordinators in creating and following time lines, clarifying tasks, and identifying resources at preschool and in the community. Facilitate communication between the Board and event coordinators regarding calendar, publicity needs, prize solicitations, and budget targets.


Oversee the creation and distribution of publicity materials (posters, brochures, PSA’s) which present the preschool to the community in a welcoming manner and encourage registration, enrollment, donations and/or participation in fundraising activities. Participate as member of the preschool board.

BEGINNING OF YEAR SET-UP COORDINATOR   (2 positions - 1 new, 1 returning)

Coordinate and supervise orderly unpacking and set-up of all preschool equipment from summer storage and the cleaning of all preschool rooms prior to Orientation and the beginning of preschool in the fall. Work is done in late August, prior to the first day of preschool.

CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER/PHOTO ORGANIZER   (2 positions - one from each class)

One parent from each class photographs students, parents and teachers during class activities and special events in their child's class. Maintains digital photo files for each student in their child's class. These materials are used for photo display posters, as on-going student assessment, as well as the end of the year photo albums provided to each child. Digital camera and photo-related computer skills needed. Regular presence in the classroom is necessary.

END-OF-YEAR STORAGE/CLEAN-UP COORDINATOR  (2 positions - 1 new, 1 returning)

Coordinate and supervise storage of preschool equipment for summer. Facilitate orderly packing and storing of all preschool equipment for the summer and cleaning of all preschool rooms as required by the contract between the preschool and Northern Light Church. Sorting, cleaning, packing, and storing take an average of 2 1/2 days

Fundraising (**)   These jobs entail the coordination of specific events. However, all preschool families are expected to participate in fundraising activities. Additional jobs may be added or changed from year to year.


Coordinate the annual pie sale fundraiser on the Tues and Wed before Thanksgiving. Confirm location(s), and times for sale to take place. Post sign-up sheets, solicit preschool families to bake and/or sell pies, coordinate transporting of pies to sale locations on sale days. In the spring, arrange location(s) and times for sale to take place for the following year.


Organize the printing, distribution, and collection of tickets, stubs and money in the spring. Coordinate the solicitation for raffle prize items from among the co-op membership families as well as local Juneau businesses.

**FAMILY FARM DAY(tentative) :  

Coordinate Family Farm Day fundraiser at Swampy Acres in May. Assist Swampy Acres owners in the preparations of the farm prior to the event. Post sign-up sheets and solicit preschool families to assist in the set-up, running and clean-up of the event.


Collect immunization records for all preschoolers, enter into Statewide regulating database and maintain hard copies in the immunization binder located at the Preschool.  The Immunization Coordinator will be respectful of some parents' choices not to have their child immunized for medical or religious reasons. Official signed waivers are collected by the coordinator in these circumstances.


Maintain a clean environment for the preschool by washing dish towels, blankets, covers, stuffed toys and dress-up clothing on a regular basis or as identified by teachers. Laundry service is usually needed about every 2 weeks.


Publish and distribute to all preschool members a nearly monthly newsletter. The newsletter is one of the preschool's most consistent methods of communicating important information. It is distributed seven times, beginning in October and ending in May. The process for each newsletter includes: collecting items, editing and typing them into a readable format, and copying and distributing them to each member of the preschool community. Items could be collected through email to lessen the amount of typing required. A personal computer, word processing software, and email are required.


Clean paint cups, art project trays, and soap clean brushes on weekly basis. Recover newspaper on easels as needed (at least 2x a year, or as requested by teachers). Tear off newsprint to size for use in painting on a weekly basis.  Acquire end-rolls of newsprint from Juneau Empire as needed.


Work with teachers to organize dates, rooms, snacks, childcare and advertising for parent education events.  Assist teachers in making literature available to parents via bulletin board and newsletter postings. Preschool strives to host about 3 events a year, providing opportunities for JCP families to gain and share information and ideas on parenting, early childhood development, preschool and family life.


Clean guinea pig cage weekly and coordinate sign-up lists for families wanting guinea pig(s) visits over weekends, holidays and summer. Keep fish aquarium in good condition throughout the year. Purchase food and supplies for guinea pig and fish, and other preschool pets as needed.


Make an adequate amount of fresh play dough every 3-4 weeks. Assist teachers in preparation of materials used in special projects and art activities. Help with organization, cleaning and restocking of art supplies.


Perform general indoor and outdoor maintenance at preschool. Keep the vacuum cleaner(s) clean and in working order. Maintain and repair preschool equipment, toys, etc., as identified by teachers. Maintain an adequate supply of scraps of wood and other materials for students to build a project by hammering, screwing, sawing, gluing, and painting. Monitor condition of woodworking tools used by preschoolers. Oversee construction and/or maintenance of playground structures, as needed. Keep the playground bicycles used by the preschool students safe functional and clean.


Coordinate recycling efforts at preschool. Maintain recycling area and empty bins on a regular basis, about every 3-4 weeks. Take unwanted donations or culled preschool items to thrift store every couple months, or as needed. Take any hazardous waste (i.e.  batteries) once or twice during the preschool year to a CBJ sponsored hazardous waste collection event.

SUBSTITUTE COORDINATOR (2 positions - one in each class)

One parent from each class coordinates the attendance of substitute members when regularly enrolled students in their class are sick or on vacation. Serve as daily contact person for parents calling a child in sick, and arrange for a substitute to attend in their place. Notify teachers of absences and subs scheduled to attend. Coordinate schedule to equitably distribute opportunities for subs to attend.


Set up preschool furniture and equipment on Sunday, following the church’s use of the rooms over the weekend, so it is ready for preschool use during the week. Families alternate Sunday afternoons, for 2-3 hours, once every 4 weeks.


Maintain inventory of supplies used in the daily operation of preschool, and replenish as needed, or requested by teachers, so that supplies are never exhausted and preschool activities are not disrupted.


Maintain the Preschool website by keeping information current and making the site easy to navigate for both current and prospective coop preschool members. Provide support to teachers and coop members in making preschool forms, schedules, meeting minutes, policies, etc. available on the web.