Video Project


#Assignment: Re-create the plot of your novel using a video-editing app to showcase your interpretation of the book.


#Purpose: Our long-bemoaned short attention spans are dwindling into nothingness. That's exactly why people love using apps to create very short videos. But what can possibly be said in a few seconds of video that's worth watching? How about an entire novel’s plot?



  1. Begin this creative experience by brainstorming the main arc for the novel, noting the 4 - 6 of the most important points of the plot.
  2. Pre-write your ideas on a storyboard.
  3. Then, record yourself (or others) with the use of props, transitioning settings, music, and more to create a miniature version of the novel.
  4. #Vine must be 6 seconds in length. Instagram can be up to 15 seconds.
  5. Choose a hashtag which will serve as your movie’s title



#Scoring Criteria:


The main characters are clearly named and depicted.

      / 10

Clear Message

The video clearly communicates the project guidelines. All elements of the video are relevant to the novel’s major theme.

     /  10

Supporting Details

The scenes/ideas selected are the most relevant details from the novel that develop people, actions, and emotions associated with the subject of the text.

     /  10

Video Title

The #hashtag title is creative, catchy, and intriguing.

    /  5


Storyboard Template