#19 - Into the Nexus: “Title”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!


PAX Interview Round Up


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Abathur Getting a Second Hero Ability

Trikslyr : We've noticed a number of players have requested a second heroic for Abathur. The design team is excited about creating another heroic for him and have begun working on some solid ideas. That being said, it'll be some time before we'll be able to share what exactly it'll be. We just wanted to let everyone know that we're listening and hope to have a second choice that is equally as awesome as Ultimate Evolution.



Heroes Premier League

ESV Championship Continues

Series 1 : Week 2


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Witch Doctor





Dear Starcast... I mean Into the Nexus,

Last week you guys talked about how the team working on Heroes is also the Starcraft team or some part of it, and that they wanted every talent to be viable in certain situations, and hopefully on certain maps as well.  I think that this is perfect to add complexity to the game that you can't necessarily find in traditional MOBAs.  Granted I wont be able to hide a dark shrine for a dt rush, but I look forward to people moving toward the mindset of each map allows for different team comps and strategies to be favored over others.  I mean nobody plays every Starcraft map the same way even in the same matchup(unless you played protoss for the first year of release.  I'm looking at you 4-gate.)  Hopefully we don't get any maps where they are incredibly unbalanced for certain races/heroes(Looking at you Kulas Ravine/ Steppes of War).  Anyway, thanks for show as I have been able to play much lately.

Will (QuaSaR)


Hey ITN,

Please keep talking about other MOBAs for comparison until we can play the actual game.  In fact, it might be nice if you had a LoL-playing guest in there to draw some parallels from that game.  Most of the DOTA references go over my head.

FYI on the 4 types of hooks - they are visually different.  There are hooks, electric chains, anchors etc.  There is even a "friendly hook" that is a lantern with a beam of light connecting the support character with a point on the map.  Allies can click the lantern for a teleport to your location.  Good for saving allies in trouble, or for pulling in the jungler for a quick gank.

Keep up the good work,


ps If you want to check out the lol hook champs for reference they are Blitzcrank, LeBlanc, Nautilus and Thresh.  There might even be others with similar mechanics I am forgetting.


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