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The Unseen Story - Hunter Order Hall

After receiving a message from Snowfeather, Emmarel Shadowarden’s pet, the previously lone wolf hunter has their eyes opened to the true nature of their order, and the mysteries behind the Unseen Path.

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Hey guys, the topic of raiding from last episode hit really close to home for me. I, too, am one of those people who is just bad at raiding, but likes hanging out with people.

Most people seem to think it is an all-or-nothing system when you have a good person who isn't hitting good enough numbers for progression, but I want to share my experience because I think it's part of a larger discussion that doesn't seem to happen as much as it should in the gaming world considering how many people deal with mental health issues.

The main reason I am bad at raiding is that I have bipolar disorder. The symptoms affect my game-play ability in unexpected ways. I feel like I'm very similar to the guy who was the subject of that email. I like to joke and have a good time, and I stay pretty positive and don't tend to nerd-rage from dying or anything like that, and I try to contribute however I can. One of my persistent symptoms, though, is issues with cognitive flexibility... or mentally switching from one task to another. How this manifests in raiding is that I can either get out of the poop, or I can kill stuff, but I can't do both at the same time. So I tend to focus more on staying out of the poop. If the raid wipes, I'm frequently the last one standing, but my dps is almost always the lowest. I learned my rotations, I watched videos, I read strategies, but nothing was enough to overcome this particular symptom.

Because of this, I avoided raiding since original Kara, up until Draenor. I lucked into a guild that understood my situation, but who still enjoyed my company, so we worked out a pretty good system that involved me stepping out when they hit a difficult boss

So my suggestion would be maybe just talk to this guy before deciding as an entire raid group whether or not to kick him out. Maybe he has some extenuating circumstances, and if he's contributing in every other way, maybe some kind of compromise can be worked out. I suppose there's always the possibility that he thinks he's good and is going to be super offended by the conversation, but you're going to get that by kicking him from the raid anyway, and potentially lose another person in the process, so what's the harm in trying?

My guild kind of fell apart recently, and I've pretty much stopped playing WoW since then, because it's very, very hard to find a guild who doesn't see raiding as all or nothing. Even a lot of so-called "casual" raiding guilds don't seem to be interested in figuring out how to work with someone who can't get their numbers up. So yeah... I feel for this guy, and I hope they're able to work something out with him.

Thanks guys, love the show! Have good vacations!


Hello friends!

First, I want to say that I say friends because I really feel connected to your podcast and I want to thank you for it. I've been playing since Wrath but just got into both the lore and raiding this expansion and your podcast is right at my level. My raid team I play a Paladin or Blood DK on is always within a week of your progress, though I'm not a member of the savage, unwashed Horde. For the Alliance!

Anyway, here's my talking point: The hallmark of a great expansion is having a great villain; someone who terrifies and threatens us for a long time. (This is one of the things that made Wrath great - the greatest bad guy of all time!) Up til the near future, all the bad guys have been characters who have been known and named in the lore for a long time - Illidan, Arthas, Deathwing, Garrosh/bits of Y'Shaarj, Archimonde, and now in Legion we've gotten Xavius, Helya, Gul'dan, Kil'Jaeden, and soon **spoilers** Argus, Aggramar, Sargeras and the Legion will all be taken care of. Finally, next expansion we will almost certainly get to add N'zoth to that list of names.

So, who is left for the expansion after next? I'm struggling to think of a named bad guy we won't have taken down yet. Yes, I know that the whole Void and the Void Lords are out there and are the greatest threat we've faced yet, but I think for them to be scary enough (again, think Lich King - Garrett I know you already were) it's good if they are introduced to the story at least an expansion in advance. Reading through Chronicles I think we've checked all the big names off the list. Maybe Wrathion will be back with some new scheme? or Bolvar will be overtaken by corruption? In any case I hope we start getting hints soon so the fear can start growing!

Interested to hear what you think, and thanks for all you do on all my favorite podcasts!


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