Crash!!!!. Another one of the tombstones broke like a toothpick. “Cyclone luci is here” I yelled. The dark clouds  stained the horizon the green grass swayed left and right and perilous lightning bolts shot down at me.


Rudely awaken by a bang on the door as loud as construction workers outside my house as I swayed my head around thoughts ran through my mind.I stumbled up slowly and wearily stepped towards the door shook with fear wondered who it was could it be Destiny or Dahleighne I didn’t know who or what it was. I clenched to the door knob and slightly opened it peering through the small gape I saw nothing but complete darkness. I opened the door completely and all of my hair plastered to my face.  

I thought to myself would this happen again, I hope not, if this ever happens again i’d scream as loud as I could our leave the town never to return.