December 8, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Pianist:  Sister Kogure

Chorister:  Sister Oeser

Conducting:  Relief Society President Sister Almeida and First Counselor Sister Wight


Sister Almeida and Sister Wight

Opening Hymn:  #203 Angels We Have Heard on High

Opening Prayer:  Sister Boutioille

Purpose:  Sister Ghetti-Remor




•        Sacrament meeting will be held at 8:00 am each Sunday through January 1, 2017 in Theater 1.  Please keep the theater clean as it will be our chapel.

•        December 11th a stake will be bringing dinner in.

•        Mission recipe book.  Please airdrop recipes to Sister Oeser.

•        Please report all of your contacts by the end of the week.  If need be, you can report them directly to the OAs.

•        President Mulford informed us that we now have Spanish Light the World cards.

•        Elder Kim Clark will be here February 16-17th for a mission tour.  On December12th a questionnaire will be given out.  Please fill out by December 17th.  This will help Elder Clark prepare for his visit.

•        President Risenmay reminded us that emails to friends and family is only allowed on p-day.

Christmas Around the World

Several sisters were asked to tell us about Christmas in their countries.

Sister Fischer presented Germany.


Sister Fischer told of the advent wreath, advent calendar, lots of different cookies such as gingerbread, sugar cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and rolled out and cut cookies with sugar sprinkles.  Christmas Markets are found throughout the country.  They typically sell candy, hats, gloves and decorations.  They have two “Santa Clauses” – December 6th – St. Nicholas and December 24th the regular Santa Claus.  In some areas of Germany, baby Jesus brings the gifts.  The German word for Christmas does not contain Christ at all.  Rather it translates into a night of consecration, sanctification and inauguration.

Sister Ueno presented Japan.


Japan does not really know about Christ.  To them Christmas is just about Santa Claus.  They celebrate the New Year with traditional food.

 If you go too late, there will be no chicken left.  People stand in long lines to get the chicken.




Sister Zafarana and Sister Tagliavia presented Italy.  Sister Tagliavia prepared her part prior to her going home on November 30th.


Sister Zafarana explained that Italy is a combination of Catholic and American.  Italians love food with each area of Italy having their own traditional foods.  They receive presents on December 25th and also celebrate the death of St. Stephen on December 26th.


Italians love nativities with all of the schools presenting nativities.  


They love old Christmas songs.  This is one of the oldest songs.


Some traditional Italian food and of course there is lasagna too.

Taiwan and China were presented by Sisters Fang and Liu.


Left to right:  Sister Fang and Sister Liu



They have lots of fancy fireworks that millions of people go to see.  Beautiful, festive lights are everywhere.  Every day is shopping day which includes a night market that opens from 6 pm to 12:01 am.  They don’t have “Black Friday” in China and Taiwan.  In China and Taiwan, they eat lots of KFC and McDonalds during the holidays.  Eating yummy food with family and friends is a big part of Christmas.  People also enjoy attending the theater.  


Sister Fouti-Makaya and Sister Cochain

French Christmas Cuisine.  Looks and sounds yummy!!!

In November, the Christmas lights are turned on.  In December, there are lots of street markets.  All of the streets in Paris are ablaze with lights.  The Champs Elysees has magnificent window displays that everyone stops to see.  December 24th families gather, share gifts and do the nativity.  December 25th is a holy day where you are around the tree, opening gifts, playing games and eating lots of food.

 Christmas in Brazil – Sister Brito and Sister Ghetti-Remor

As they are in the middle of summer at Christmas time, if you live close to the beach, you go there to celebrate.  


Like many countries, they love fireworks and trees.


December 24th Brazilians gather as families for celebrating and food.




Secret Santa is important for Brazilians.  That is how they strengthen their relationship with their families.


Sister Morales and Sister Sigaran presented Spanish speaking countries.












These countries love lights, food, nativities, family and friends during the holidays.  On December 24th, they gather to eat turkey and open gifts at 12:00 am.  On December 25th, they go home at 4:00 am and sleep late.  Fireworks are displayed at noon and again at 6:00 pm.  You might want to join them for a midnight prayer.


Africa was presented by Sisters Wentzel, Sine and Engmann


Sister Sine

Traditional food in Nigeria may include beef, goat, sheep, ram or chicken.  Other dishes might include pounded yam, jollof rice, fried rice, vegetable salad and some type of stew.



Sister Willard is from Malawi.  On Christmas, they eat mostly chicken and rice.  They drink something called “Thobwa,” a Malawian fermented drink that has a milky appearance, a cereal taste and grainy texture.   In Malawi, they are very dedicated to church service.  They will go the night of Christmas Eve from 10 pm until midnight and pm the 25th from 7-9 am.  

Sister Engmann


They love FOOOOD!  Traditional foods include okra soup, porridge, meats, rice and a yam paste called “fufu” jollof rice.  Some Ghanaians also go to church on December 31st to thank God for sending Jesus and to pray for a good and safe New Year.  People may also use that time to remember those who died during the previous year and pray that the difficulties that they may have encountered over the year don’t carry on into the New Year.


Sister Wentzel

South Africa has traditional foods like other countries around the world.  They love to gathers as friends and families to eat and be together.



It is apparent that all countries love to eat and be together as friends and family.  While we are all different in our celebrations, we have many of the same traditions with Christ at the center of the celebrations.  Perhaps the world is not so big after all!

Closing Prayer – Sister Ripa