Third Grade Brewster School Newsletter

Edition 1

December 2016

Literacy Update

      Third graders have been working extremely hard at identifying the main idea and supporting details in literacy. While reading, students look for the “pop out sentence” which helps them identify the topic sentence or the main idea. From there, they read to find supporting details that relate directly to the main idea. Students are also learning how to record the main idea and supporting details with a strategy called “boxes and bullets.” Students know that the main idea goes at the top of the box and the bullets are the supporting details.

     Students are learning to read nonfiction texts so they can share their newly acquired knowledge with someone else. In order to be able to share what they read, they have to pay attention to their “woah” moment. A “woah” moment is when they learn a new word or concept, their thinking has changed or they found a section that peaked their curiosity. By being cognizant of the “woah” moments, students are interacting with the text on a higher level which allows them


Events around the School

     Third grade students enjoyed an assembly on Friday, December 2 about making good choices. All of the students were engaged and entertained by the stories and songs that were shared. Students heard helpful tips about how to be courageous, even if it is hard! They also learned how to pay attention to their actions so they can decide if they are making a good choice or if they need to change their actions.

... Happy holidays to all!

to fully comprehend the information.

box and bullets

Above is an example of a box and a bullet response.


     Students have been enjoying weekly cursive lessons. Learning cursive is a third grade rite of passage so much so third graders typically come in on the first day of school asking about when cursive will begin. So far, students can form about 10 different letters in cursive.

Below are some words that the third graders can now write!

cat dad add gag had hag catch hat that path cap gap pat


Important Upcoming Events

  • Welcome to Mrs. Schlicker, our new technology teacher. We are so excited to have you join our Brewster family. Ask your student about technology with Mrs. Schlicker!
  • December 16: Holiday concert starting at 1:30-2:00 for K & 1st and 2:30 for 2nd & 3rd
  • December 22: Ugly Holiday Sweater Day for teachers: Be on the lookout for some ugly sweaters!
  • December 23: Holiday party- wear your pajamas while enjoying breakfast with your class
  • December 23- early dismissal
  • December 26- January 2: Winter break: have a happy and safe holiday!

Math Update

     Students are learning multiplication and division strategies on math. Students are learning that multiplication is related to addition and subtraction is related to division. Some of the multiplication strategies the students are learning are repeated addition, arrays, skip counting and circles and stars. Currently students are learning multiplication fact families to help them see the connection to division. Students will begin learning how to answer a division equation with an array, repeated subtraction, skip counting and circles and stars.


Students learned to subtract the divisor until the difference is 0. Then they learned to count the number of subtraction problems to find the quotient.

Writing Update

     The students are learning to compare their opinions with an author’s perspective in writing. They are learning the difference between a fact and an opinion. A fact is scientifically proven to be true. An opinion is true for them. It is based upon their own personal experiences, feelings and thoughts.

    The students are learning to state their own opinion about a topic with a bold statement. They are then learning to use facts, experiences and feelings to support their opinion.

... Pencil Silhouette ...

Science & STEM Update

     Thank you for sending in materials for our Pumpkin Drop! The majority of the pumpkins survived the 10 foot drop with minimal damage. Please ask your student how his or her group did!20161206_142511.jpg20161206_142905.jpg