Be a BRISD Volunteer


Blue Ridge ISD encourages the development and maintenance of a strong volunteer program that provides a variety of opportunities for parents and members of the community to be active partners in supporting our instructional program and school climate.  Our Tiger volunteers are greatly appreciated by the Board of Trustees and Staff of Blue Ridge ISD.


Volunteer Applications will be available on each campus during registration and throughout the school year or upon request via email to  However the signed original must be returned to Cathy Agan in the Administration Building where your valid picture ID will be copied.  Please be aware that the entire process may take up to 2 weeks so you are encouraged to complete your application as soon as possible.


The fast approaching 2017-2018 school year will be starting soon with Homecoming just around the corner on September 15th.  A good old fashioned Homecoming Parade brings out the DIY gene in many.  As always someone will be deemed the designated driver of the 12-16 foot crepe paper masterpiece.  If you are anticipating participation with this event you will need to be approved as a BRISD volunteer and/or driver before September 1st.


It is going to be a great school year.  Come join our volunteer program and partner with BRISD as we prepare to Learn…Grow…Excel!