K/1 Class Information


K/1 Teacher: Bruna Voldman - bruna.voldman@gmail.com 



Today at BJEP we had a great day! We started off the day with music, then moved into our hebrew program, Ask us about the Hebrew words we know (I have attached a list of the words in english and transliterated)!  We then learned about the upcoming Jewish holiday- Tu B’shevat - the birthday of the trees.  We learned about its importance and its relation to the mitzvah of taking care of our earth! We then began an experiment where we put white flowers into a cup of food coloring, and over the next day at home we will see the petals have the color of the dye we chose, WOAH!  I cant wait to hear about everyone's flowers when we come back!

Hebrew Words We Know:

Stand: Lakum

Walk: Lalechet

Run: Laruts

Sit: Lashevet

Jump: Likfots

Turn: Lehustovev

Stop: Laatstor

Boys: Banim

Girls: Banot

Board: Luach

Table: Shulchan

Chair: Kiseh

Door: Delet

Floor: Ritspah


This week at BJEP we had a substitute teacher because I (Bruna) was feeling under the weather, but I heard that K/1 had a great day and I was sad to miss it! I had planned to make out very own Challahs, and I know it went smoothly, and hope everyone enjoyed theirs at home!


Today at BJEP we had Hebrew, music, Judaics, and dance! We did our regular Hebrew through movement program that we are loving!! Ask us all the Hebrew words we know! This week in Judaics we focused on the Mitzvah of Shabbat, why it's so special to us, and the many ways we can celebrate Shabbat.  We then got to make our very own Challah covers that we can use at home to celebrate Shabbat at home!


Today at BJEP we continued we had a great day! We continued with our hebrew program in using Hebrew through movement, we are really learning so many new Hebrew words! In Judaics we learned about what a Mitzvah is, how many there are, where they come from, and we even chose some of our favorite ones to explore more! Some of the ones we chose to explore in the coming weeks are: treating the earth with respect, respecting our parents, Shabbat, and treating others the way we want to be treated.


Today at BJEP we had our regular class time until 11 where we learned about the Parasha this week and did an chanukah activity! In this week's Parasha Jacob has a dream where G-d comes and speaks to him about the Jewish nation and we learned about this story! We also got to make our very own dreidels, learn the letters on the dreidel and what they represent, and play a dreidel competition! We then had a BJEP Chanukah party all together, so much fun! We will resume BJEP on January 15th for the special day and then following this we will resume regular classes.  

Have a restful and festive winter break! Stay warm!


Today at BJEP we had music, Hebrew, Judaics, and a concentration ceremony! We continued with our Hebrew through Movement program and have learned more Hebrew words that we are so excited to use in the classroom! In Judaics, we learned about the upcoming Jewish holiday, Hanukkah.  We learned the story of Hanukkah, the story of the Maccabees, the miracles of Hanukkah, and what is represented on the dreidel.  We then had our very own Consecration ceremony where we got to see a Torah in person, and received certificates and books! We are super excited for the Hanukkah party next week!


Today we had music, art, Hebrew, and Judaics! We have begun using a new tool to learn Hebrew, and we have been learning words in Hebrew to give simple commands (stand, sit, walk, run, jump turn around, stop).  We can’t wait to learn more words next week and show our families all of our new Hebrew! We also learned about the story of the parasha from last week, the story of Abraham, and about Israel! We created our very own sticker map of Israel, and began creating our very own Noah's ark!  Next week, we will finish our arks, and we have another special program!


Today we were so glad to be returning to our regular BJEP schedule and all be together again! We learned about 2 holidays that are in the month of Tirshrei, Yom Kippur and Sukkot! We make drawings and writings of things we apologize for in the past year and what we hope for in the new year! We also learned about sukkot and made our very own sukkot out of some yummy treats! We are continuing to learn Hebrew through the Hebrew Through Movement program and are loving it!

We can’t wait for next week!


Today was an incredible second week at BJEP! K/1 loved to have our families in class today for the Tzedakah project and now we all have our very own tzedakah box to bring home, and a K/1 box so we can give tzedakah every week! Before the tzedakah program we learned about tzedakah and what it means to do a Mitzvah, we even read some stories about other boys and girls doing tzedakah! We began our journey of learning Hebrew and the Hebrew letters and alphabet by learning the aleph bet song in a sing and repeat version!  

For homework this week, please listen to the aleph bet song that I have attached the link to and repeat the aleph bet with the song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiCzoTs1AdE 

We can't wait to see you next week!


This week we had so much fun at BJEP! We began our day with Morah Leah teaching us music, where we sang the Brand New Day song by Ellen Allard and Hinei Rakevet, the train song. Then we went to art with Morah Liran and created Rosh Hashana necklaces! We talked about Rosh Hashana, what it is, and why we celebrate. We then listened to the aleph-bet song from last week to practice our letters and then we learned letters alef-dalet through Hebrew letter yoga. Finally, we created Rosh Hashana cards for our families!