2018 Crawford County Fair Youth Pageant

Applications and information available on:

www.crawfordcountyfair.info /CrawfordCountyFairYouthpageant

Entries must be received by Friday,  July 6 at 5 p.m. and can be mailed:

Diana L. Ijames

P.O. Box 427

Sullivan, MO 63080

Practice for Pageant:

Wednesday at 9 a.m., July 11 for pageant practice at the Cuba Hood Park Small Stage.


Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the Cuba Hood Park Main Stage @ 8:30pm

Entry fee per contestant:

$20* due by July 6.

Each contestant receives a participation prize.


Contestants will be judged in the following categories:


On-Stage Questions


 Formal wear/evening gown for pageant.

For further information contact Diana Ijames at 314-570-5644 or email at dijames@fidnet.com.

Crawford County Fair Youth Pageant Contestant Qualifications

Ages for Titles

7-8 years: “PETITE MISS”

9-10 years: “YOUNG MISS”

11-12 years: “PRE-TEEN MISS”

13-17 years: “TEEN MISS”

Must reside in Crawford County

Anyone holding a current National or State pageant title is ineligible to compete.

2017 winners must ride in the 2018 fair parade and return to help with the pageant and crown their new successor. 2017 winners are ineligible to compete in the 2018 pageant.

The 2018 winners will reign over the 2018 fair and must be available to assist the fair board with activities as needed.

The winners will be asked to make personal appearances and/or help volunteer for various events in and around the county throughout the year of their reign.

Conduct that is found to be improper and detrimental to the Crawford County Youth Pageant and the Crawford County Fair Board will be reasons for dismissal and/or disqualification


Those who are pregnant, have been pregnant, or cohabitate with someone of the opposite sex in lieu of a marriage contract are ineligible to participate.

The winner automatically relinquishes her title if she enters into a marriage contract, chooses to cohabitate with a male in lieu of a marriage contract, or becomes pregnant.

If the winners fail to complete their term, the title will be passed to the runners-up in the order of their rank, beginning with the first runner-up.

Any additional awards given will be at the discretion of the pageant director.

All Judges decision’s are final and will be backed by the Fair Board.

2018 Crawford County Fair Youth Pageant

“Entry Form”

Contestant Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Age Division: (please circle one)        Petite Miss 7-8yrs        Young Miss 9-10yrs        Pre-Teen 11-12yrs        

Teen 13-16yrs

Date of Birth:        _____________Age on day of pageant (7-12-18): _        _________NickName: _                _____________

Height:_______ Hair color:____________ Eye color: _______________        

Parents names:_______________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _        _________________________City: __________________        State:MO        Zip Code: ___________

Cell phone: ____         Cell phone: ___        

Texting OK?: (circle one)        YES        NO Other #:___ _                

E-mail address:_________________________ _        

School: _____________________________        New Grade: ________        


List 3 words your Friends/Family would use to describe you:1.__________2.        ________3. _        __________

What do you want to be when you grow up/Future Plans?: _        _______________________________________________________________________ (You may use the BACK of this sheet to continue writing if you need more room)

Something interesting about you:  _        __________________________________________________

Hobbies /What do you like to do?: ____________________________________________________

Favorite Toy: _        __________Favorite Food: _        _________Fav TV show: _        ________Fav Book:__________ 

Fav Movie: _        _________Siblings: _        ________________Pets:______________________________


I have read and fully understand all of the rules/guidelines set forth in the Contestant Qualifications list and hereby agree to abide by them. I acknowledge that if any rules are broken, it is grounds for immediate disqualification or having a title stripped. I also understand that the Crawford County Fair & Pageant Director is NOT responsible for any losses/damages that may occur at any time.

Contestant Signature: _        ___________________________Date: _        _________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _        _____________________Date: _        _________