Geography Sector Continuum

By Jelissa and Kate

Today we were learning about successful economies and sectors. These sectors cannot exist without the other.

A primary sector is a raw material that you gather from nature like wood, oil, and water.

A secondary sector is when the raw material is refined or manufactured into a substance or object that is on its way to be made into a final product ready to sell or trade.

A tertiary sector is a final product that is ready to sell to consumers like a cleaner chemical or a tire.

According to GEAB(Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin)

Below is an example of primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of a part of the economy. The primary sector picture is an oil well (gathering oil). The secondary sector picture is an oil refinery. The tertiary sector picture is a tire (made of rubber, and rubber has oil in it.

Primary Sector                         Secondary Sector                  Tertiary Sector

Oil is used in our economy because we use it a lot. We use it in our cars, homes (for heating), rubber, plastic, and we use it for trade with other countries. Canada has a lot of oil in the ground, and other countries need it for the same reason we use it. So, Canada gets money after they sell it.

Canada uses the sector continuum to create a successful economy because Canada is made up of a lot of natural resources. It benefits the economy because they can trade them with other countries, you can manufacture and sell those products or you can use those materials, objects to fix the community.