Emails, Stephen Seewoester and Sam Bolen, communications programs specialists,

Southern Area Corporate Communications, U.S. Postal Service, Aug. 2-7, 2013

(from Seewoester, Stephen)

1:04 pm

Aug. 2, 1013

We don’t use tax dollars for our operations. We do receive a small appropriation each year which is really more of a reimbursement for mandated services (free mail for the blind and oversees voting).


We also borrow money from the U.S. Treasury but, of course, have to pay it back. We are currently at our statutory borrowing limit of $15 billion.


(from Sam Bolen)

3:54 pm

Aug. 5, 2013

Confirmed with U.S. Postal Service Headquarters: The last time the Postal Service ended the year with an operational profit was 2006.


The U.S. Postal Service was created from the former U.S. Post Office Dept. in 1971, with the mandate to eventually become a self-supporting government enterprise.  It took just over a decade for the USPS to reach that goal.  The last year the Postal Service accepted a public service subsidy was 1982.


Hope this clarifies it.




Sam Bolen

USPS Corporate Communications

Aug. 7, 2013

11:48 am

Have answer to one of your questions as I understood them, “How much money, either year by year or in total, did the US government contribute toward postal service costs from 1971 through 1982, either year by year or in total? Of those totals, what share of total costs did these amounts (or the total) comprise?”    This information is provided below.


Will send additional information “What effect has the pension and retiree health insurance pre-pay elements of the 2006 law had on operational profits each year from 2007 to the present?” as soon as I can confirm with USPS Headquarters officials.  Expect to receive this information today.






(See the chart here.)