New Rubia Project Proposal



Rubia is a surrealist adventure film that portrays a young woman’s transition from the anxiety of adolescence to the relative security of adulthood through the abstract world of her dreams. The film will present an alternative experience to what has become expected in the majority of the film industry. As a team, we have developed a skill set that is well sought out in the working world. Through working on Rubia we have learned what it is like to work in a group with similar dynamics. We have a strong work ethic and are able to create and complete tasks and problem-solve efficiently and effectively. We want to use these skills to show that we are truly passionate about storytelling, art, out-of-the-box learning and creativity, as well as our school which holds so many opportunities and resources for us. Our team will produce this final product, a stop motion short film, that will inspire our fellow classmates about conquering their fears.

Problem Statement

Creating a film with relatable characters, a positive psychological transformation and viewer interpreted ending is a rarity in popular films today. Many popular forms of entertainment today are filled with clichéd representations of people, family, school, work, relationships, love, disease, and the experiences that are at the center of human existence.   When adolescents are watching films or television programs marketed to them, such as high school films where everyone looks amazing, there is no such thing as acne, and everyone has friends, they receive messages about the lifestyles they are ‘supposed to have.  The messages are frequently unrealistic and contribute to many teens experimenting with unhealthy lifestyles and choices, as well as questioning their value in society.  If there were to be more characters who teens connected with,  it could potentially help them to be more confident and valuable to their society.

Goals & Objectives

Rubia presents a non-traditional narrative taking place in the dreams of the titular character. The film follows the relatable main character through her psychological transformation in the world of her dreams, surrounded by a colorful cast of characters, Japanese yokai, and locations rich with cultural references. This form of entertainment exhibits our strengths as young artists and embraces visual storytelling. The film should leave the target audience, teens and adults alike, with a new found inspiration to conquer their fears.

Our goal: Create a stop motion film


The Timeline: Rubia will use a gantt chart and scrum board to track tasks.

Our rough schedule is as follows:

We will assess where the project is by mid February. From there we will flesh out the remainder of the schedule. This gives plenty of room for catching up if we fall behind, or redefining of certain  tasks and giving priority to others. We will being using an online scrum board for individual tasks as well, which can be found at this link


Monica Rheaume is the main audio and visual artist for Rubia. She is an avid pianist and has been for 12 years. Her musical background started with taking piano lessons from a family friend and then moved to the Portland Conservatory of Music. She’s performed since she was young and used to compose short pieces of music. She composed the music previously used in Rubia’s video game counterpart. Monica has also been drawing, painting, and filming since she was small. As a result, she has been able to develop adequate skills in editing and design.

Sophia Crockett-Current will be responsible for the majority of the puppet making and costuming.  She has spent the majority of her life crafting toys and other small pieces of art, making this task appropriate to her skills.  She has also made a number of shorter stop motion films with her sister and friends, and has gained experience in taking the photographs needed to make this longer film, such as storyboarding, positioning the puppets, and moving the puppets in small enough increments to make them seem lifelike.


Adam Gilman and Katelyn Virmalo are Rubia’s project sponsors. They are not actively involved in Rubia’s process, as it is a 100% student driven and directed project. However, they will be available as a resource for critique or help if a problem arises that is unable to be solved by the students involved in Rubia. This did not happen often last year, and we don’t expect it to this year.


Resources used for this project will take one of two forms.  They will either be three dimensional set, props, and ‘actors’, or they will be technology on laptops.  Three dimensional resources required are a stage which team members will be constructing, puppet making materials(wire, foam, clay, and fabric), and set making materials(at present to be determined).  The computers will all be provided by the students, and the programs essential towards completion of our goal (Picasa, and Premiere) are already in our hands. The only resources that Baxter will need to provide will be Internet access, an electronic keyboard, access to a MacBook  with the program GarageBand, and a space to work where things will be undisturbed. Every member has expertise in everything previously described. The adequate knowledge needed to reach the goal in this project has already been acquired from previously working on related projects.


Constraints of the Rubia film project will be:


Computers with software and all cameras, microphones, and most other tools are either in our personal possession or provided by Baxter.




Location/item no.

Armature wire 16 to 24 gauge 32 ft

approx. $6 to $8 (6.51 amazon)

3 (19.53)


Foam sheets




½ inch neodymium magnets x26

approx $4, shipping ~$20


Magnet wholesale

super sculpey


1, maybe 2


sculpting tools







Jo-ann Fabric

cotton broadcloth



Jo-ann Fabric





Hot glue

$7-8/100pc package





1 stage, several props

my dad

32” x ¾” wooden dowel




Mini porcelain mugs x 6

$4.99 + $3.95 shipping



White posterboard




Tp970 Thermolam Plus Sew-in



Jo-ann Fabric

White cardstock paper x100 sheets




Clear craft plastic sheets x4






1 maybe 2


Cobalt Swan neck pitcher



Metal sink




$7.50 + $1.00 shipping






Rubia will be producing and exhibiting a ten minute film created using stop motion. This will include creating the necessary characters and set pieces. As a team we will develop these components to set the mood and story.