I am personally not that into Game of Thrones, but I do respect it for taking the groundwork the Lord of the Rings movies laid for making high fantasy “cool” for mainstream audiences, then pushing it further. There seems to be a consensus that Game of Thrones’ fifth season was a step down from previous installments. That was DEFINITELY not the case with “Hardhome”, one of the series’ best. Arya becomes more badass, Cersei’s situation becomes worse, Sansa confronts Reek, and Jon and Tormund arrive at the titular village, where the centerpiece of the episode takes place. Here, the battle at Hardhome, only mentioned in passing in R.R. Martin’s book, is fully depicted here in a breathtaking fashion. It was a massive turnaround when compared to the previous episode and its random rape scene. This episode has, in true GoT fashion, shocking revelations, awesome action, and the great character work the show has at its heights. Quite possibly the defining moment of this episode is when (SPOILERS) the Night King revives the dead.