Slogan  Are you using all of these, or choosing one or a few? This is the paradigm, right? If so, identify exactly what you believe that isn’t working, and write a sentence that is positive and trashes the negative belief.

Embrace The Great I’m not sure what this one is about This is about embracing all that is fantastic, marvelous, good and dropping the negative.  However...keep going!

I like that!!

Embrace Positive Abundance love! Or just - Embrace Abundance

Embrace The Abundance

Here Comes The Abundance “Here comes” implies that it is in the future, and it may stay that way

Here Come The Rewards

I am truly worthy of great rewards

I deserve abundance in every form

I enjoy extreme abundance (remember to find words that are powerful for you

HA.  Wouldn’t it be helpful if I didn’t assume you could read my mind???

All of those are/were working slogans.  I have currently zoned in on:

Embrace Magnificent Abundance

and am going to work with that. Thoughts? YES YES YES!! love it


1. Persisting brings joy love!

2. Create to feel great Yes!!

3. Listen Just curious. To others? To yourself? Or both? Everything.  Everyone.  Myself. I am often crafting my response as others are talking to me.  I’m often judging people mentally and not hearing them where they are Then there’s the whole divide in the country.  While I’m still not ready to listen to Trump and his supporters, this reminds me to make an attempt.

Good! Isn't it interesting how one word can contain so much?


My 2017 Hat will be: Abundance Lover Yes, yes, yes!! You may struggle with paradigms, but you kick ass with major focus. Sorry, I have been doing this so long, that the new lingo is tripping me!  Thank you and no worries! Obviously as I was crafting my format, I had to make changes that resonated with me. They’re not going to work for everyone and that’s just fine.


1.        Enjoy my husband and son I know you make this work, and maybe I should do it too. Measurable is better for me in general. Understood.  I found this worked very well last year and wanted to continue.  I need to let both of them be who they are and enjoy the good in that.


2.        Attend 1 songwriting seminar/conference Yes! I discover that you can teach it.

3.        Attend 1 blogging seminar/conference Cool!!

4.        Attend 9 dance classes Great!

5.        Perform at 2 open mics I can’t wait to hear about this!!

6.        Take a day-long hike or bike ride, preferably with Jean Yes, please! I loved my time with you last year. One of the highlights of 2016!!

For me too!!

7.        Publish for profit 1 item on Creatavita Awesome!

8.        Study and volunteer for gerrymandering reform for 30 minutes each week. Great! I like that you are trying to act to make changes you are passionate about.  Notice I made it more specific.  I realize I have time, energy and a civic responsibility.


9.        Take 1 storytelling seminar/class I would be interested in doing this too!  I’ll remember tha!

10.        Study the guitar for 3 months On your own? You are a Renaissance woman for sure! There’s a fine guitar and how-to book/video sitting in our house (bought it for Nick 3 years ago for Christmas), I’ve tried before, but not recently AND more and more auditions are seeking actors who play instruments.  Why not?


Late last year, I realized my life is magnificently abundant.  I have plenty of health, money, and love.  YES!!! What a wonderful realization. I know!!!  And I was in coplee denial!  I have a terrible time embracing (there’s that word) that magnificent abundance. Good word! Should it appear above under the slogan? If you insist :)

We both know where THAT comes from. Thanks Mom and Dad. Hence, Abundance Lover for my Hat. Oh, I get it!!

It’s true I’d like more work as a singing actor, BUT I had another epiphany that that was likely to happen very soon (based on the many auditions I’ve done, the people I’ve met, the work I’ve done).  So I needed to be ready, both with my skills and with my attitude. Speaking of attitude, that epiphany transformed my attitude from “poor me, why don’t they cast ME?” to “They’re going to call very soon and I need to be ready to go.  No problem.” Now there is a paradigm shift! And such an important one to have for an acting/musical theatre career. It could change your life!  Yes, yes, yes and THANK YOU for guiding me to and through it.

You’re welcome!

This also led me to be more aware of how tired I am of private teaching.  I still love it, but what would happen if I focused on getting life clients from Creatavita?  I would enjoy that too. Or created ebooks?  Yes! Plus, I could do that work from anywhere on the planet and that would line up with Richard’s strong desire to travel (true, I also have that desire, but I still want to work making a difference in people’s lives). This is pretty interesting. You definately make a difference in people’s lives through your private lessons. I know because you changed my life as well as Bob’s!! And the things I learned from you helped me change my student’s lives, especially at GFA. Your other options could have a bigger audience through, which would be cool. I like that this feels so expansive. Open is a good thing. Expansive, open.  I like that.  Exploring.

Finally, my singing.  I’m so tired of marketing my own cabarets and not seeing that audience grow.  And that will never end.  Exactly. Plus, there’s something else I want to say with my music.  Not sure what that is, although after the election, I feel an urge to use my music as a means of protest.  Surreptitiously.  Give them a song they love that’s really about income equality.  Like Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan (I’ve programmed a song by each of them on Saturday’s cabaret).  Perhaps write and record? Maybe just videos.  I don’t know yet, which is exciting! That’s why I’d like to explore open mics.  I don’t need the money.  I like the attention, but I don’t need it.  I do like singing and saying something that transforms lives. Love!! Maybe it won’t be in singing.  Maybe it will be in writing.  Maybe I don’t have anything of value to add to the conversation. Why don’t I find out this year? Love this question! Me too!

I think the thing I admire most about you is your willingness to try something new. To learn. You are a great explorer!! And you have grown because of your explorations. Then you reflect on your experiences and learn from them. Thank you.  I must credit my parents for that.  While they weren’t explorers in the same way, they did teach all of us if we didn’t know something to go and find out, and to never be afraid because God will keep you safe, although they would never be wacky-Christian about it.  They would be normal.

I also have that knowledge from my mother. God keeps me safe.

I think the question I am grappling with is, “What do I have to offer the world?” That’s a great question?  What do I have to offer the world in my life?  What do I have to ffer the world today?  What do I have to offer the world in this moment? What do I know that would benefit others? I feel like what I have learned about perfection, motherhood, goal setting, teaching music and drama, etc. is important to me, but would it even be meaningful to others? It’s definitely meaningful.  It’s turning it into a career that feels like a passion. There’s that damn worthy thing again!! Worthy schmorthy.  We have to burn that sucker!  More on this later, I’m sure!

This is a great plan, Heidi! I like that Richard and Nick are first, and I like that it isn’t all work.

I hope my thought have helped.

Of course they’ve helped!  You are so good at this!  Two weeks ago, I was not at all excited about 2017.  Now I can’t wait to get out of bed!

Love you!  Love you too!