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2016 - 2017


Henry Ford Academy

20900 Oakwood Boulevard

Dearborn, MI 48121-1148

(313) 982-6200




Cora Christmas, Principal                                                  (313) 982-6193

Michael Flannery, Assistant Principal                                (313) 982-6191

Daniel Graves, Director of Curriculum                         (313) 982-2927

Nandini Vaishnav, Director of Finance/SI                            (313) 982-6190


Linda Selberg, Museum Counselor                                   (313) 982-6197

Cherice Fergerson, Village Counselor                             (313) 982-6194


Cynthia Carr-Tatum, Museum Office                              (313) 982-6022 (Phone)

                                                                             (313) 982-6195 (Fax)


Susie Williams, Village Office                                           (313) 982-6202 (Phone)

                                                                             (313) 982-6021 (Fax)


Debit Ware (Lunch Accounts)                                             (313) 982-6201                                                                        


This handbook belongs to:



Name:_________________________________________                   Grade:____________





Academic Code of Conduct/Ethics 

Access to THF Attractions, Food Venues, and Stores During School Hours


Attendance Philosophy 

Attendance Reporting Procedure 

Community Service Verification Form and FAQ's 

Discipline Philosophy 

Discipline Consequences 

Distribution of Literature on School Property 

Dress Code 

Due Process 

Electronic Devices 

Emergency School Closings and Snow Days 

Field Trips 

Five Developmental Areas 

Grade Reviews/Appeals 

Grading Scale/G.P.A. Equivalents / Graduation Requirements 

Harassment/Bullying Policy 

Helium Balloons 

Inappropriate Digital Postings 

Loitering & Latchkey Services 

Lunchroom Procedures 

Make-Up Work Policy 

Mandated Reporter 

Parent Involvement Compact Title 1 

Pass/Fail Option 

Release of Directory Information 


Right to Complain 

School Calendar / Daily Class Time Schedules 

School Day 

School Safety Policy 

Search and Seizure 

Sex Education 

Standardized Testing 

Staying in Touch 

Student Center Access – Museum Campus 

Student Code of Conduct 

Student Identification (I.D. Badges) and Security 

Student Medication 

Student Records 

Student Speeches 

Student Support Services 

Students with Disabilities - Education / Students with Disabilities - Discipline 

Teacher Qualifications 

Technology Code of Conduct 

Testing Out/Dual Enrollment 


Values/Words to Live By 

Video & Audio Monitoring 

Village Road Gate Entrance/Exit Schedule 

Vision and Mission 

Visitation Policies 




Current Times as of 09-06-2016

Schedule A



8:00 – 8:45              Begin of School Day


9:30 – 9:50       End of 1st Blk


11:10 – 11:30           End of 2nd Blk (DE)

1:00 – 1:20              End of 3rd Blk (DE)


2:10 – 2:30              End of 4th Blk


3:30 – 4:00              End of School Day

Schedule B

Academic Coaching/Design


8:00 – 8:45       Begin of School Day


9:30 – 9:50              End of 1st Blk


11:40 – 12:00           End of 2nd Blk (DE)

12:55 – 1:35     End of 3rd Blk (DE)


2:10 – 2:45       End of 4th Blk


3:30 – 4:00              End of School Day

Schedule C

Town Hall


9:45 – 10:15     End of THM


10:45 – 11:15           End of 1st Blk

1:15 - 1:45       End of 3rd Blk


2:20 – 2:50              End of 4th  Blk


3:30 – 4:00              End of Day

Schedule D & E

Half-Day/Final Exam


8:00 – 8:50       Begin of School Day


9:40 – 10:05     End of 1st Blk

10:45 - 11:00    End of AC/4th Blk (D)


11:45 – 12:15           End of School day (D)

10:50 - 11:20    End of School day (E)

2015 - 2016   SCHOOL CALENDAR


Monday, August 3                                                   Office Opens

Thursday, August 20                                              Student Registration (9 & 12)

Friday, August 21                                               Student Registration (10 & 11)


Tuesday, September 8                                         First Trimester Begins

                                                                       All Students Report


Friday, September 11                                             Staff Development (1/2 Day)

Monday, September 28 - Friday October 2                  Parents-As-Partners Week

Thursday, October 1                                                   Open House/Curriculum Night

Monday, October 12                                              Staff Development (1/2 Day)

Tuesday, October 20                                              Parent Teacher Conf

Thursday, October 22                                             Parent Teacher Conf (1/2Day)

Friday, October 23                                                  Teacher Release Time (1/2 Day)

Tuesday, November 3                                            Staff Development (No School)


Wednesday, November 25                                   Thanksgiving Recess (No School)

through Friday, November 27

Wednesday, December 2                                       Final Exams – Block 5 (Full Day)

Thursday, December 3                                           Final Exams – Block 1 & 2 (1/2 Day)

Friday, December 4                                          Final Exams – Block 3 & 4 (1/2 Day)


Monday, December 7                                           Second Trimester Begins

                                                                          All Students Report


Monday, December 21                                          Winter Holiday Recess (No School)

through Friday, January 1

Monday, January 18                                              M. L. King Jr. Holiday (No School) Monday, January 25                                               All Staff Conference (No School)

Tuesday, February 2                                               Parent Teacher Conf

Thursday, February 4                                             Parent Teacher Conf (1/2 Day)

Friday, February 5                                             Teacher Release Time (1/2 Day)

Monday, February 15                                        Mid-Winter Break (No School)

through Friday, February 19


(Mon-Wed- Fri)

Lunch - Block 2


Block 1                  8:30 – 9:40

Block 2 (VIP)        9:45 10:00

Block 2 (lunch)   10:00 11:40

Block 3              11:45 12:55

Block 4                1:00 – 2:10

Block 5                2:15 – 3:30 


(Mon-Wed- Fri)

Lunch - Block 3 


Block 1                 8:30 – 9:40

Block 2 (VIP)       9:45 10:00

Block 2             10:00 11:10

Block 3 (lunch)  11:15 12:55

Block 4               1:00 – 2:10

Block 5               2:15 – 3:30 


(Tues - Thurs)

Academic Coaching

Lunch - Block 2


Block 1                  8:30 – 9:30

A/C                     9:35 - 10:25

Block 2 (VIP)      10:30 10:45

Block 2 (lunch)   10:45 12:15

Block 3              12:20 1:20

Block 4                1:25 – 2:25

Block 5                2:30 – 3:30 


(Mon-Wed- Fri)

Academic Coaching

Lunch - Block 3


Block 1                 8:30 – 9:30

A/C                    9:35 10:25

Block 2 (VIP)      10:30 10:45

Block 2              10:45 11:45

Block 3 (lunch)   11:50 1:20

Block 4                1:25 – 2:25

Block 5                2:30 – 3:30 

Wednesday, March 16                                Final Exams - Block 5 (Full Day)

Thursday, March 17                                            Final Exams – Block 1 & 2 (1/2 Day)

Friday, March 18                                        Final Exams – Block 3 & 4 (1/2 Day)



Monday, March 21                                                    Third Trimester Begins         

All Students Report

Friday, March 25                                                 Spring Break (No School)

through Friday, April 1


Thursday, April 21                                                 Parent Team Conferences

(By Invitation Only)


Friday, May 6                                                      Staff Development (1/2 Day)


Monday, May 30                                               Memorial Day (No School)

Monday, June 6                                                 Commencement (1/2 Day)

Wednesday, June 15                                               Final Exams – Block 5 (Full Day)

Thursday, June 16                                               Final Exams – Block 4 & 3 (1/2 Day)

Friday, June 17                                               Final Exams – Block 1 & 2(1/2 Day)                                                                                                                                  Last Day for Students


Thursday, June 30                                                Offices Close

Monday, August 8                                                 Offices Re-Opens



Lunch - Block 2 


Town Hall        8:30 – 9:35

Block 1           9:40 – 10:45 (M)

Block 1           9:50 – 10:45 (V)

Block 2 (VIP)   10:50 – 11:05  

Block 2 (lunch) 11:05 – 12:30

Block 3                   12:35 – 1:30

Block 4                   1:35 – 2:30

Block 5                   2:35 – 3:30



Lunch - Block 3 


Town Hall      8:30 – 9:35

Block 1           9:40 – 10:45 (M)

Block 1           9:50 – 10:45 (V)

Block 2 (VIP)   10:50 – 11:05

Block 2           11:05 – 12:00

Block 3 (lunch) 12:05 – 1:30

Block 4             1:35 – 2:30

Block 5             2:35 – 3:30




Block 1 or 3       8:30 – 9:35

Block AC or 4     9:40 – 10:45

Block 2 or 5     10:50 – 11:55



(Exam Schedule)


Block 1 or 3       8:30 – 9:40

Block 2 or 4       9:50 – 11:00




2016 - 2017

 Learn to Love – Love to Learn


Henry Ford Academy will be a leader in public education for

innovative teaching, active learning, and developing

responsible citizens for a global society.



Henry Ford Academy develops critical thinkers, life-long

learners, and responsible citizens prepared for

college, career, and the global community.




The Henry Ford Academy may modify any provision of the handbook at any time. All matters pertinent to the interpretation of the Student Handbook rest exclusively with the Academy.  Any disputes will be brought to the attention of the Administration.


For the purpose of this Student Handbook, the “Academy Site” refers to the Henry Ford Academy administrative and learning sites and The Henry Ford  adjacent property or parking lots.  All rules and guidelines governing student behavior also apply during any Academy-related function or activity, at any time or in any setting.


Henry Ford Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion in its programs and activities. The Director of Finance and School Improvement is designated to handle inquiries regarding the school’s non-discrimination policy and complaint procedure.


School teachers, counselors, social workers, and administrators are required by law to immediately report any and all suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to Children’s Protective Services Department of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.



Graduates of Henry Ford Academy will be proficient in the five developmental areas listed below.


Academic Content

Students will demonstrate an understanding of academic content (mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies) by applying skills and knowledge in real-life situations.  They also will be expected to demonstrate and understand an appreciation of fine arts, career opportunities, health/physical education, and world languages and cultures.



Students will use technology as an integral part of their approach to learning and solving problems throughout life. They will evaluate the various technologies that are available for a specific purpose and select a technology that is most appropriate.



Students will demonstrate a variety of communication skills that include reading, writing, speaking, listening, persuasion, negotiation, and conflict resolution.  They will also be expected to evaluate the validity of information that they receive and the effectiveness of communication strategies that they choose.


Thinking and Learning

Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills that enable them to identify problems correctly, gather and analyze needed information, and select effective solutions.  They will develop cognitive strategies such as logical thinking, systems thinking, global thinking, reflective thinking, and creative thinking.


Personal Development

Students will demonstrate responsible citizenship, which includes respect for self, others, and the environment. They will also demonstrate personal characteristics such as confidence, reliability, flexibility, resourcefulness, and an openness to change. As an ongoing part of their development, students will understand the importance of continuous learning and set goals that reflect a commitment to the values required to live in a diverse and democratic society.






The grading scale for Henry Ford Academy is as follows:

100+                           A+

93 – 100                 A                                     73 – 76                      C

90 – 92                      A-                                         70 – 72                      C-

87 – 89                      B+                                67 – 69                      D+

83 – 86                      B                                           63 – 66                      D

80 – 82                      B-                                60 – 62                      D-

77 – 79                      C+                                 59 – 0                         F


The G. P.A. equivalents for grades are as follows:

A+               4.25                                              C                 2.0

A                 4.0                                            C-                1.75

A-                3.75                                             D+               1.25

B+               3.25                                          D                 1.0

B                 3.0                                            D-                0.75

B-                2.75                                          F                  0.0

C+               2.25



21 Core Credits                                             7 Non-Core Credits

Math                                         4                                        Elective Offerings

Science                               3                                  Selective Offerings

English                                   4                                  Dual Enrollment

Social Studies                           3                                  Independent Study

Foreign Language                2                                  Online Courses

Physical Ed/Health                    1

Career Preparation                1.5                        Other Graduation Requirements

Arts                                1                               Complete 40 hours of Community Service

Technology                        1                             Complete MME (SAT-ACT WK + M-Step)        

Academic Coach/Forum        0.5                             Obtain Acceptance to a College/University

Total Number of Credits Required for Graduation




Michigan law requires that whoever has custody or control of any child between ages 6 and 18 shall assure that the child attends public school during the entire school year.  Michigan law requires that the student’s attendance be continuous and consecutive for the school year.  A parent/guardian who fails to comply with the Michigan Compulsory School Law is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not less than $5.00 nor more than $50.00, or imprisonment for not less that two (2) nor more than ninety (90) days, or both.


Henry Ford Academy expects regular attendance in every class.  Students who are absent from class may miss work that cannot be made up.  In this highly interactive curriculum, we must have cooperation between parents/guardians, students and Academy staff to ensure that students attend every class, every day, on time.  EXCESSIVE ABSENCES AND TARDIES WILL ADVERSELY AFFECT A STUDENT’S GRADES.




Absences adversely affect student success. If a student must be absent from school the parent should call the school attendance line by 9:00 a.m. the morning of the absence.


Attendance Reporting Process:


Attendance Notification:

Parents/Guardians may view their child’s attendance online via the internet.  “Parent Connect” has a window for parents/guardians to view attendance as well as grades.  If you need help with the “Parent Connect” feature, call the assistant principal at 313-982-6191.



Excessive tardiness (five or more) is considered a discipline problem and will be processed as such.

Early Dismissal Requests

Students who need to leave early (doctor/dentist appointments, etc.) must present a note signed by the parent/guardian to the Office Manager for verification.  (Village students will be released at the normal gate time that precedes the early dismissal request and wait for parent pick-up in the museum office).  Parents/guardians must sign out students in the Museum Campus office when picking them up early.


Students over 18 years old may only excuse themselves if there is a signed parent/guardian consent letter on file in the office granting that privilege to the student.



It is important that students come to school everyday and stay current with their assignments.  Students are expected to visit the teacher’s website, email the teacher directly, or network with their classmates to get the assignment when they are absent from school or get the assignment immediately upon their return to school.  Please note, counselors will no longer facilitate make-up work.

Daily Assignments

  1. Students will have the number of days equal to the days absent to turn in make-up work (homework or class work) for full credit.
  2. After that, students will receive zero credit for make-up work.

Major Assignments

Projects, Presentations, and/or Research Papers that have due dates assigned in advance are expected to be turned in on the due date.  Students who are absent on the due date must have a valid excuse (from a doctor, court, or funeral home) in order to receive full credit.  Major assignments turned in late without a valid excuse will be deducted one letter grade per day or its percent equivalent, such as: one day late = B or 85%, two days late = C or 75%, three days late = D or 65%, four days late = F or 55%.  Major assignments turned in five (5) days or more late will be given a zero.



Regular school hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Please arrange to have your child dropped off and picked up at those times. As a convenience to parents/guardians, however, the school doors will open at 7:30 a.m. for early drop-off, and close at 5:00 p.m. daily for late pick-up.  Students driving themselves or taking public transportation should not arrive at the Academy more than thirty (30) minutes before the start of classes and should leave the facility within thirty (30) minutes after classes conclude, unless they are participating in an approved before/after-school activity.  You are expected to adhere to the Academy hours for the safety and security of your child.





The Henry Ford and Henry Ford Academy prohibit loitering on campus before and after museum hours.  The Henry Ford Museum closes at 5:00 pm daily.


Students are to leave campus immediately after school is dismissed or immediately after an after-school activity.  After 4:00 p.m., students waiting for pick-up must wait in the Academy lobby in the museum.


Beginning at 5:00 p.m. parents/guardians will be assessed a $5.00 fee for students left on campus between 5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.  Beginning at 5:30 p.m. parents/guardians will be assessed a $5.00 fee for every ten (10) minute interval students are left on campus.  This fee will be added to fines and fees accrued during the school year and must be paid prior to registration or graduation, whichever comes first.



Students may be retained in their current grade if they do not earn enough credits to advance.  Students failing core classes are expected to attend summer school at parent’s/guardian’s expense in order to stay on track for graduation.





Henry Ford Academy has a Child Study Team that meets bi-weekly to identify students who may require special services such as tutoring, counseling, social work, or special education services.




Many Academy students travel to school on public transportation, (both SMART and DOT bus systems), by parents/guardians and parent/guardian car-pools, and personal transportation.  The Academy does not provide any form of transportation to or from its facilities.


Public Transportation

The SMART bus has stops in front of the museum campus in the morning and at both campuses after the school day ends.  Students are to follow the discipline expectations of the school and will face disciplinary consequences for negative behaviors while riding public transportation to and from school.

Parent/Guardian and Parent/Guardian Car-Pools

Many parents/guardians provide transportation for their children and often car-pool with other parents/guardians from the same locale.  A sign up list will be made available in the office for use in setting up carpools.

Personal Transportation

Students that use their personal transportation to get to and from the Academy must register each vehicle with the Assistant Principal.

Student Parking

Students are allowed to park in front of the Henry Ford Academy site at the Museum Campus facing Oakwood Boulevard and in the far-east end of the angled parking lot along Village Road near the Academy’s Village entrance/exit gate. Students parking in any other adjacent Museum or Village locations will be subject to disciplinary action.  The Academy does not assume any responsibility for cars or its contents while parked in THF’s lots.



The Academy will have an individual listing on TV/radio stations.  They will announce that HENRY FORD ACADEMY-DEARBORN will not be in session.  All students should check television stations WDIV, WXYZ, and Fox 2 as well as WWJ and WJR radio stations.  Parents/Guardians/Students who enroll in the “Remind Text Service” will receive text messages for emergencies and school closings.




Students must be accompanied by an Academy staff member during school hours to visit exhibits, ride the train, Model-T, carousel, or other historic rides, view an IMAX movie, visit Michigan Café, American Dog House, Lamy’s Diner, stores, or any other attractions of The Henry Ford.





Academy students will be issued an official Henry Ford Academy identification badge.  The identification badge must be visible at all times and worn every day.  Badges must be worn on a lanyard with the front side forward.  Students must present identification when requested by Academy or The Henry Ford staff.  Students cannot alter or deface their identification badges in any way.   Identification badges cannot be loaned or transferred to any other person or student.


Temporary identification badges will be issued for $1.00 to students arriving at the Academy without their official badge.  A five-dollar ($5.00) fee will be charged for all replacement badges, a $1.00 fee for replacement lanyards and $1.00 for replacement clear badge protective sleeve.


Students may use their ID badges to gain entry into the Museum and Village during the weekends and summer.  When they present their badges to staff at the Museum and Village entrances, students may bring up to four guests with them into the Museum and Village EXCEPT during regular school hours.  The student must stay with their guests at all times.


Property Screening

Students and staff are subject to having their school bags screened by The Henry Ford security staff as they move between the Museum facility and the Village site.  Students may not refuse to have their bags screened by the security staff.




Classroom Visits - Parents/Guardians

Henry Ford Academy faculty and staff are always happy to have parents/guardians visit the classrooms.  However, all visits are subject to the approval of the Administration and parents/guardians must notify the Administration at least 24 hours in advance of the desired visit.

Classroom Visits – Former Students

Former students will not be allowed to visit classrooms or teachers.

Classroom Visits - Student Guests

Current students will not be allowed to bring a guest to visit classes.

Dances – Student Guest Policy

Students may bring one outside guest to school dances if a ticket is purchased in advance and the guest has permission from another local high school.  Guest permission slips must be signed by an administrator from the school the guest attends and faxed from the

guest’s school to the Academy office (313-982-6195) before the day of the dance.  Guests

on the approved list must show their ticket along with their current school ID card to be admitted to any HFA dance.





Helium balloons (latex, mylar, foil, etc.) are not permitted on either campus or at Commencement Exercises. Helium balloons brought on campus will be confiscated. Anyone bringing helium balloons to Commencement, will be asked to return them to their vehicle.

Helium balloons are allowed outside the Village gate in the parking lot on Standing “O” Day only.




Students will normally receive a letter grade for all classes including Independent Study.  Pass/Fail option must be approved by the counselor prior to taking the class.





Parents may request information about the qualifications of their child’s teachers and paraprofessionals including information related to the following:




Henry Ford Academy participates in a comprehensive assessment program that measures student achievement and growth.  Students and parents/guardians should be aware that students will take standardized tests including but not limited to the following:





As a first step, parents/guardians should meet with the instructor if there is a question regarding a grade.  A “Grade Review” may be requested through the Assistant Principal’s Office.  A “Grade Appeal” may be requested through the Principal’s Office.  Grade appeals must be made within one school year of the grade received.



Participation in athletics is a privilege.  Those who participate in athletics have a responsibility to favorably represent Henry Ford Academy and its partners.  Student athletes are expected to conduct themselves both in and out of school in a manner appropriate to their responsibilities as representatives of the Academy.


Requirement for Participation

An athlete must have the following fully executed documents on file at the school office before the athlete’s first participation in any activity,

  1. A current physical examination report given on or after April 15th of the prior school year.
  2. A permission slip to participate in the specific sport in which the athlete intends to participate signed by the parent/guardian
  3. Eligibility Requirement:  Passed all classes on the most recent report card and maintain a minimum 2.00 grade point average each quarter.


To ensure a quality sports program, student athletes will be expected to participate in fundraisers as well as pay an athletic sports fee.  This fee subsidizes transportation costs for “away” games and other necessary expenses. Fee must be paid prior to the first game.


It is mandatory that athletes ride the team bus to all away games.  Athlete may ride home with parent/guardian providing the parent/guardian notifies the coach in writing.


Fee Structure:

·         $ 100.00 for first sport

·         $ 75.00 for second sport

·         $ 50.00 for third sport



Students may distribute literature before and after school, during lunch periods and between classes in the following HFA non-instructional areas:

Students wishing to distribute literature must get prior approval from the Administration.




Administration reserves the right to review and approve student speeches/presentations prior to delivery.



Henry Ford Academy teaches sex education within its health curriculum.  The Academy uses the State of Michigan Health Curriculum Modules.  Parents/Guardians have the right to inspect the curriculum and if desired, not have your child participate in the sex education unit.  The child will be given an alternative assignment and will not be penalized.




Students should not bring electronic devices to school and do so at their own risk. Instruction will not be interrupted in attempts to recover stolen or lost property. The use of electronic devices such as: cell phones, headphones, handheld games, cameras, IPOD’s, MP3’s, PDA’s, etc are prohibited in classrooms except when permitted by the instructor. Students may use electronic devices outside of the classroom environment as follows:


Museum Campus Rules

(This includes Henry Ford Museum, Lovett Hall, BFRC, EDR, Oakwood Parking Lot)


Village Campus Rules

(This includes Greenfield Village, “the Green Mile”, Village Road Parking Lot)


Our goal is to teach students the appropriate use of technology.  We believe this is a liberal policy and gives students reasonable access to personal technologies.  Students violating this policy will have the device confiscated and held for 24 hours (including Fridays/weekends).  The Academy is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of electronic devices that have been confiscated.  Students who do not surrender the device, or who are disrespectful to staff when asked to surrender the device, will be suspended for a minimum of two (2) school days.


Students involved in posting or sharing inappropriate texts, pictures, or videos will be subject to the same consequence as the person(s)/perpetrator(s) in the text, picture, video, or social media site.  These postings may include, but are not limited to: fighting, sexually explicit pictures/videos, use of language to demean, harass, or bully someone.  (For example, a bystander who videotapes a fight and posts it to YouTube will receive the same consequence as those fighting in the video.)




Students are expected to follow proper etiquette during lunch times as they do during regular class times.  Excessive noise, horseplay, and rudeness will not be tolerated in the cafeteria or towards the cafeteria staff.


Half Day Lunch Policy

Lunch in the EDR is not available to students on half-days without written permission from HFA Administration.


School Lunch Program

The Academy is a participant in the Federal Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program.  Students may either bring their lunches or purchase them.  The student price for lunch is $3.00, which includes the main entrée, fruit, milk or juice.  In compliance with Federal nutritional guidelines, students using a free or reduced lunch ticket must have the complete meal.  Our school lunch program is designed to encourage all students to take the full meal.


School Lunch Sites

Academy students will eat in the cafeteria designated for their group.  Freshmen eat in The Henry Ford’s Employee Dining Room (EDR) in Benson Ford Research Center.  Upper classmen (grades 10-12) eat in the designated school cafeteria in the Village Campus.  Students may not switch campuses during lunch or go off-site during lunch.





Taking medication during school hours or during school-related activities is prohibited unless it is necessary for a student’s health and well-being.  No school employee is allowed to administer or supervise a student’s self-administration of prescription or non-prescription medication without a completed and signed School Medication Authorization Form on file.  No student is allowed to possess or consume any prescription or non-prescription medication on school grounds or during a school-related function other than as provided for on the authorization form.




Field trips are a privilege for students.  Students must abide by all school policies during transportation and during field-trip activities, and shall treat all field trip locations as though they are on school grounds. Students must have permission from a parent/guardian to go on a field trip.  Students may be prohibited from attending field trips for any of the following reasons:





Henry Ford Academy has an active parent organization.  The parent organization meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the museum campus. The Academy provides parents/guardians access to:





“Testing Out” is a program established by Public Act 335, Section 1279e, which allows students the opportunity to show mastery of a subject prior to taking the course.  “Testing Out” is for students who already know the subject matter, not for students who have to quickly learn it and cram to pass a test.   Students who wish to “test out” of a subject for the upcoming school year must submit an application to their counselor by May 1st of the current school year.


Post-secondary Enrollment Act (Dual Enrollment) provides students with the opportunity to take college courses while enrolled in high school.  To be eligible, students must be in grades 11 or 12 and have achieved state endorsement in the subject area of the M-STEP.  Students taking approved dual enrollment courses are not subject to the “outside” credit limit. More information is available from the Academy Counselor.





Students have access to Student Center prior to Blocks 1, Lunch, and 5 and at the end of the school day on the Museum Campus.





Video and audio monitoring systems may be in use in public areas of the Academy’s space and in public areas of the greater campus of The Henry Ford.  If a discipline problem is captured on videotape, that recording may be used as the basis for imposing student discipline.  If criminal conduct is recorded, a copy of the tape may be provided to law enforcement personnel.




School student records are confidential and information from them will not be released other than as provided by law.   A federal law known as the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act" ("FERPA") gives parents and eligible students (age 18 and older) the following rights regarding student records.



Family Policy and Compliance Office

U.S. Department of Education

600 Independence Ave, SW

Washington, DC 20202-4605





Student Directory information includes the students’ names, addresses and telephone numbers.  Schools are required to give that information to military recruiters unless a parent/guardian requests in writing that their child’s directory information be withheld.  Forms are available in the Academy offices.




When cheating is not an individual activity, all parties involved are equally guilty and will be subject to the same consequences.  Students demonstrate integrity and pride by doing their own work and contributing to a group project. Cheating and plagiarism are serious offenses. Students caught cheating will receive a “zero” on their assignment.  Students caught plagiarizing their work will be given an opportunity to redo the assignment and submit it within three (3) days.  Credit for the assignment will be reduced by a minimum of 10% based on the type and degree of plagiarism and the grade level of the student.






The purpose of the Henry Ford Academy dress code is to promote a positive, healthy and safe learning environment and to prepare students for the world of work.  The dress code is a part of the overall Academy philosophy that focuses on student achievement and not on dress styles and fads.  Student’s attire must be neat and appropriate to a professional business setting.


Dress Code

Students are expected to be in “Academy Dress Code” Monday through Thursday of each week.  Friday and all half-days are “Casual Days.”

The Academy staff reserves the right to modify the dress code policies in whole or in part at any time. Students cannot alter or deface their uniforms in any way or they will be considered to be in violation of the dress code.  Dress Code is in effect on the extended Academy campus including the grounds and the parking lots of The Henry Ford.  Students may be required to wear alternate clothing such as “Dress Up” or “Team Uniform” with prior approval from the instructor for presentations or Athletic Director on game days.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday



Academy Logo Shirts

Short Sleeved Blue Polo, Short Sleeved White Dress Shirt, Long Sleeved Black Dress Shirt.

Undershirts worn under the Academy shirt must be Black, White, or Gray.

Undershirts worn under Academy shirt must not hang below Academy shirt hemline.



Slacks/Skirts/Shorts (Solid TAN/BEIGE with inner pockets only)


Shorts/skirts must pass the “finger tip” test, i.e. the length must be at least to the tip of the fingers with arm fully extended down to the side.

Belt must be of a solid appropriate color for visible belt loops.






Academy shirt must not be covered by non-Academy outerwear.

Only the Academy “HOODIES”s can be worn over an Academy logo shirt.

Academy “HOODIES” cannot be worn in lieu of the Academy logo shirt.



Academy I. D. badge must be worn on a lanyard hanging around the neck and visible outside clothing at all times.



Sandals must be strapped around the heel.



Students must not add items that in essence change the uniformity of the Dress Code, such as scarves, chains, or other items deemed unacceptable by administration.


In effect on Fridays and on all Half-Days


On Fridays and half-days, students are allowed to wear other appropriate articles of clothing including:


Other Dress Code Guidelines



These guidelines are to be followed while on the Academy sites, which include Henry Ford Academy administrative and learning sites, The Henry Ford, adjacent property or parking lots.  All rules and guidelines governing student behavior also apply during any Academy-related function or activity, at any time or in any setting


Physical Education Classes

Physical Education Attire: Blue tops and Gray or Black bottoms

During physical education classes, students may wear gray or black shorts or jogging pants, blue T- shirts* or blue sweatshirts, and athletic shoes appropriate to the type of activity and weather. Athletic jogging suits are permitted during physical education only.

* Academy T-Shirts are available for purchase from the Athletic Director.*



Students and parents will sign a Technology Code of Conduct Contract in order to utilize the many modes of technology available to Henry Ford Academy students. The use of technology is a privilege extended to Academy students to enhance learning and exchange information.  Parents and students should understand and abide by the Technology Code of Conduct, and further understand that Henry Ford Academy assumes no responsibility for the student’s communications while using such technology.  In addition, financial restitution will be required for loss, theft, damage and/or unauthorized use.


The use of logos, trademarks, paraphernalia, or other recognizable landmarks of Henry Ford Academy, The Henry Ford, and/or Ford Motor Company may not be used outside of school assignments in pictures, websites, videos, etc. without written permission from Administration.  This includes but is not limited to websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, etc.




In order to maintain order, safety, and security in school, school authorities are authorized to conduct reasonable searches of school property and equipment, as well as of students and their personal effects.  “School authorities” includes principal, assistant principal, school liaison police officers, and other staff designated by the principal.




It is the intent of the school district to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act ("IDEA") or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ("Section 504") are identified, evaluated, and provided with appropriate educational services. The school district provides a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment and necessary related services to all students with disabilities enrolled in the school.




The school will comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 when disciplining students. Behavioral interventions will be used with students with disabilities to promote and strengthen desirable behaviors and reduce identified inappropriate behaviors. No special education or Section 504 student will be expelled if the student’s misconduct is a manifestation of his/her disability as determined through a manifestation hearing. Any student with a disability whose misconduct is not a manifestation of his/her disability may be suspended or expelled pursuant to school disciplinary procedures.





You have the right to file a complaint with the U.S, Department of Education concerning the alleged failure of the school to comply with FERPA.  Your complaint should be directed to:

Family Policy and Compliance Office

600 Independence Ave – Washington DC





The Academy will comply with the Michigan Child Protection Law. School teachers, counselors, social workers, and administrators, are required by law to immediately report any and all suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to the Children’s Protective Services Department of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.



Personal Development

Henry Ford Academy students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times.  It is very important that student behavior does not interfere with the rights of The Henry Ford patrons, staff, other Academy students, and Academy staff.


While some of the following rules are specific to the Academy or to The Henry Ford, other rules are required by state or federal law.  All rules governing student behavior apply before, during and after school hours, while the students are on the property of the Academy, The Henry Ford, the adjacent property or parking lots.  All rules governing student behavior also apply during any Academy-related function or activity, at any time or in any setting.


Student Behavior

Responsible behavior includes:



The Academy’s discipline policy strives to change behavior by setting high expectations, clear consequences, and recognition for positive behavior.  Discipline is a progressive process.  Consequences are reflective of the type of infraction and the number of infractions accumulated.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is available to students who wish to resolve conflict with other students.  Students may sign up for a Conflict Resolution session in the office.


Public Displays of Affection

Students must refrain from inappropriate displays of affection while on campus.  This includes, but is not limited to, kissing, caressing, fondling, necking, etc.






Inappropriate behavior will result in a written referral from any staff member of the Academy.  The student will be notified when a referral is written and a copy will be sent to the grade level discipline file.


Out-of-School Suspension (Short-Term)

Student may be removed from school by HFA Administration or their designee from one to ten school days.  Students suspended from the Academy are not allowed on any Academy or The Henry Ford property and are not admitted to any Academy function.  A copy of the suspension notice will be given to the student and/or the parent will be notified of the suspension.


Out-of-School Suspension (Long-Term)

With Board notification, a student may be removed from school by HFA Administration for up to 30 school days.  Students suspended from the Academy are not allowed on any Academy or The Henry Ford property and are not admitted to any Academy function.  A copy of the suspension notice will be given to the student and/or the parent will be notified of the suspension.


Expulsion is the permanent removal of a student from the Academy.  A student may be expelled upon the recommendation of the Principal.  The HFA Board of Directors makes the final decision to expel.  Students will remain on suspension until a determination has been made by the Board to expel, and they are not allowed on any Academy or The Henry Ford property and are not admitted to any Academy function.

Student Conduct

Inappropriate behaviors distracting to the educational process or endangering the health and safety of others will not be tolerated. Any activity that causes concern or discomfort should be reported immediately to an Academy administrator or classroom teacher.


The following lists are examples of such unacceptable behaviors.  While comprehensive, they are not all inclusive, and the Academy Administration reserves the right to interpret and determine further action depending on the individual circumstances and/or the severity of the presenting problem.


Referable Behaviors

The following breaches of conduct may result in a disciplinary referral or suspension:


  1. Insubordination (Failure to follow a staff’s directive)
  2. Excessive talking in class
  3. Loud talking and/or boisterous behavior in the Museum or Village
  4. Running in Museum
  5. Horseplay on campus
  6. Minor Plagiarism (copying homework/classwork)
  7. Purchasing items from another student
  8. Excessive tardiness
  9. Unauthorized purchases (IMAX, Vending) during the school day
  10. Littering
  11. Throwing objects on campus/parking lots (snow balls, footballs, etc.)
  12. Possession or use of skateboards or rollerblades



Prohibited Behavior

The following breaches of conduct may result in immediate suspension from school, long term suspension, or expulsion:


  1. Insubordination (failure to follow a staff’s directive)
  2. Fighting
  3. Near Fight
  4. Harassment, intimidation, or threats of violence (Real or Digital)
  5. Sexual harassment
  6. Disruptive behavior
  7. Loitering in unassigned areas before/during/after school
  8. Major dress code offenses (i.e. not in uniform, jeans, etc)
  9. Destruction of property
  10. Theft
  11. Technology Code of Conduct violation
  12. Truancy
  13. Disrespectful behavior toward staff, employees, or guests
  14. Use of profanity
  15. Inciting a fight
  16. Interference with staff in the performance of their duties
  17. Possession or use of tobacco
  18. Possession or use of alcohol
  19. Possession of drug paraphernalia (lighters, pipes, cigarette paper, clips, etc.)
  20. Production/distribution of defaming materials
  21. Tampering with the fire alarms or extinguishers or security systems
  22. Major plagiarism (copying quiz, test, project, paper, presentation)
  23. Possession or use of gang-related clothing, paraphernalia, verbal or non-verbal gestures
  24. Overt physical familiarity and/or public display of affection
  25. Gambling
  26. Extortion, blackmail, coercion
  27. Possession of exploding devices
  28. Forgery
  29. Loitering on Academy or The Henry Ford property
  30. Parking in unauthorized areas
  31. Leaving class/school without authorization
  32. Selling items (candy, food, etc.) that is not part of a school fundraiser
  33. Bringing non-students on campus to threaten, intimidate, incite, or cause harm to staff or students.
  34. Repeated referable offenses


Illegal Behavior

The following breaches of conduct may result in recommendation of expulsion from the Academy:


  1. Possession or use of illegal drugs, controlled substances, or substances represented as a drug or intoxicant
  2. Possession or use of a weapon or look-alike weapon.  A weapon will include guns, knives, box cutters, mace/pepper spray, or any object which is not in and of itself a weapon as defined, but where the possession or use of the object is coupled with the intent to inflict bodily harm
  3. Physical assaults on teachers, administrators, or other school personnel
  4. Physical assault fights where (i) victim sustains severe injury, (ii) an injury requires medical attention, or (iii) a weapon was used
  5. Bomb threat
  6. Explosion
  7. Arson
  8. Sexual Assault
  9. Repeated “prohibited behavior” offenses


 Michigan Public Act 102 of 1999, Section 1308


In compliance with the requirements of the Michigan School Safety Policy and of MCL 380.11a(3)(b), the Henry Ford Academy will share information with and provide reports to the appropriate law enforcement agency when any of the following incidents occur on the Academy site, on Academy-sponsored transportation or at an Academy-sponsored activity:


  1. Armed student or hostage
  2. Suspected armed student or hostage
  3. Weapon on school property
  4. Death or homicide
  5. Drive-by shootings
  6. Physical assault fights where (i) victim alleges injury, (ii) an injury requires medical attention, or (iii) a weapon was used
  1. All assaults on teachers, administrators or school personnel
  1. Bomb threat-telephone, e-mail, fax or written notice
  2. Explosion
  3. Arson
  4. Sexual Assault
  5. Robbery or extortion
  6. Unauthorized removal of a student
  7. Threat of suicide
  8. Suicide attempt
  9. Larceny theft of items of value of $100.00 or more
  10. Intruders
  11. Drug use or overdose
  12. Drug possession or sale
  13. Vandalism or destruction of property of value over $100.00
  14. Bus incidents involving any of the above
  15. Bus accident


Optional, Reportable Incidents
  1. Assault incidents, i.e. ethnic intimidation, stalking or assaults without injuries requiring medical treatment
  2. Theft crimes involving less than $100.00
  3. Vandalism involving less than $100.00
  4. Alcohol crimes
  5. Tobacco crimes
  6. Truancy


These reports will not be placed in a student’s educational record and parents will be advised when notification is sent to a law enforcement agency.



Henry Ford Academy is committed to protecting students and staff from harassment or bullying and to maintain a safe and secure environment.  Students who engage in unwelcome verbal, written, or physical conduct that offends, denigrates, or belittles an individual is harassment and may result in suspension and/or expulsion from the Academy.


Types of Harassment/Examples

Examples: Name calling, profanity, put-downs, racial/sexual slurs

Examples: Unwanted/unsolicited displays of affection, touching, sexual jokes/conversation

Examples: Bullying, pushing, hitting


Cyber Harassment

Examples: Name calling, profanity, put-downs, racial/sexual slurs posted on the internet or sent via electronic devices.


Students who feel they are being harassed or bullied should report it to the Counselor, Assistant Principal, or Principal.

Got a Beef? 



Students, staff, and parents can make referrals to the Conflict Resolution coordinator.  Students experiencing issues with each other will be brought together in a non-threatening setting to discuss and work out their problems.  Conflict Resolution request forms are available in both offices.


The constitutional rights of individuals assure the protection of due process of law.  Therefore, the following constitutional and legally sound procedures have been adopted for the Academy.


According to Academy policy and school law, the Principal, or his/her designee, is delegated the authority to temporarily separate or suspend a student from the Academy.  In such actions, the following procedures will be followed:


  1. A student will be fully informed of the charges brought against him/her including the rationale for the action and the conditions of time and termination. Student will be given the opportunity to explain his or her version of the incident to the staff member suggesting suspension.

  1. The parent/guardian will be notified by letter, telephone or by personal contact if the student is to be suspended from the Academy.  Written notation of the suspension will be logged in the student's discipline file.

  1. Appeal procedures available to parent/guardians include:
  1. As a first step, parent/guardians should request a conference with the Administrator/Counselor who issued the suspension.  The Administrator/Counselor will affirm or modify the terms of the discipline within two school days of the conference.

  1. Within five school days from the Administrator’s decision, the parent/guardian may appeal the decision to the Principal of the Henry Ford Academy. The Academy Principal will affirm or modify the decision within two school days from hearing the appeal.

  1. The final decision in the appeal process for short-term suspensions (ten days or less) lie with the Principal.

  1. Appeals for long-term suspensions (more than ten days) and expulsion should be directed to the Henry Ford Academy Board of Directors.



Student Name: _____________________________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­      Class of ________

Please complete this verification form and submit it to the mailbox on the Community Service board in the Village or Museum.  Attach your supervisor’s business card and complete the form below neatly and accurately. You must complete a separate verification sheet for each community service activity.  Supervisors may be contacted to verify service. Form is not valid unless all information is complete. If you are submitting this form with a substantial number of hours, a letter from your supervisor specifying the following may be required in addition to the form:

  1. Number of hours completed
  2. Description of activities performed at the organization/event
  3. All Dates of the Activity


What is community service?

Can Community Service be completed during the school day?

Does childcare/babysitting count as community Service?

What about community service at my church, temple, mosque, or synagogue?

Examples of what will NOT count as Community Service (including, but not limited to):

 Check out www.volunteennation.org for community service opportunities.

Organization Served _________________________________________________________


Tasks or responsibilities _________________________________________________________


Date of Service _______________            Hours Served _____________

To Be Completed by Community Service Supervisor


Supervisor’s Name _______________________________________


Phone Number_____________________________


E-mail  __________________________________


I verify that the student has completed ______ hours of service.















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