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Press Release - Soft Launch
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For Immediate Release...

Minneapolis, Minnesota - December 8, 2014 -  Chris and Shelly Zenner Co-Founders of the online dating site iHeartVolunteers have just announced the sites soft launch. iHeartVolunteers is a niche dating site for people who volunteer.

iHeartVolunteers sets itself apart by verifying whether or not members have volunteered, encouraging volunteerism, providing free subscriptions to volunteers in a long-term immersive program, and they donate 10% of their profits to their members organizations.

iHeartVolunteers wants to help the online dating world evolve. "We want our users to have a fulfilling experience. Statistics show 54% of online daters claim to have had a negative online dating experience," says Co-Founder Shelly Zenner, "by building a community with a service oriented and caring mindset our aim is to address the quality of our users and improve upon the online dating experience." (Pew Research, 2013)

iHeartVolunteers member Alexandria likes having a verification process, “Screening is a huge bonus, there are a lot of people setting up fake profiles and any type of verification is awesome.” In order to be discrete, as not all individuals are open about online dating, iHeartVolunteers has its subsidiary verification company contact the volunteer organizations.

iHeartVolunteers is offering a limited-time launch exclusive - a free one-year subscription to all verified volunteers. Take advantage and sign up today!


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