Perhaps you were wondering what was meant when it was said that you could submit content to the club? Well, first, you may email videos, images, audio, and written content via email ( to the club.  Depending on the media of the submission, it will either be published at our YouTube channel, and/or posted to our blog.

For Videos:

You may want to know what we are looking for in our video submissions. It must meet one of the below criteria. All videos should be published to your own YouTube channel and the link emailed, unless the video is short enough to have the file directly sent to us (please only use mp4 files). In a video, you must state your name (Google Account name or nickname is fine) towards the beginning, and must not include anything off-topic or inappropriate.

A. Gaming Videos - If you have a gaming video you have made from any official Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts videogame, it can be submitted and then will be posted to the club's YouTube channel as a Wizarding World Gaming video. For more information on Wizarding World Gaming, please go here.

B. Theories/ 'FanFic' - This one is tricky. When 'FanFic' (fan-fiction) is mentioned, it is NOT used in the conventional sense. Plausible theories that match official Harry Potter canon (Example: 'Ariana Dumbledore was an Obscurus'), or dialogues and short stories that very well could have happened (Example: "When Ron proposed to Hermione, he got down on one knee and gave her a teaspoon, saying 'all my emotions belong to you' as Hermione said he had the emotional range of a teaspoon" [got that courtesy of Atreyee Sengupta on Google+]) are all good and wanted. Stories that contradict Harry Potter canon, or theories that cannot be supported by information in Harry Potter canon, are not welcome. This includes anything inappropriate or overly romantic, as well as nonsense such as Dramione content (which for those who don't know, Dramione is Draco + Hermione). Theories/ 'FanFic' can fall under the video category because they could be made into videos or slideshows with narration if you want. Otherwise, they can just be submitted under the written content section. If in the form of a video it will be posted to the club's YouTube DIY/ Cosplay - If you make DIY (Do It Yourself) or Cosplay tutorials and would like submit a Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts video to the club, it can be emailed and posted to the club's channel.

D. Other - If you have a video that you want to submit but you're not sure if it fits one of the above categories, please send it anyway, and include what the video is about. These videos will be subject to review, and we can always have a discussion concerning the content of a video If unsure.

For Images:

You may also want to know what we want in image submissions. These images will be posted on the blog, Google+, and/or YouTube (if there are many images and will be made into a slideshow by the club). They must meet one of the following. If it doesn't, perhaps instead, it belongs in a post on the club's G+ Community. Images should be emailed to the club in the form of JPEG or png files.

A. Painting/ Drawing/ Sketch - Any Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts image, created by you, would be greatly appreciated and posted by the club.

B. Other - If you have an image that you wish to submit, but it is not a Painting/ Drawing/ Sketch, please send it anyway, and it will be reviewed by the club, and then a discussion could occur about the content of the image.

For Audio:

Or maybe you wanted to submit an audio file? mp3 files can be emailed to the club, and if too large, they should be uploaded to Google Drive, so they can be accessed by the club. Audio submissions ought to meet the criteria below.

A. Music - Any dubs or covers of pieces of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts soundtrack from the movies or videogames would be great. They would be posted most likely in YouTube on the club's channel, but may be posted on the blog as well.

B. Narration - This could be narration for written content that's submitted to the club. If 'FanFic' please stick to the guidelines listed above. These will also be posted as YouTube videos and/or blog posts.

C. Other - We're not really sure what audio you could send that wouldn't be one of the two above, but we would still love to hear. Send them to the club for review!

 For Written Content:

Yet perhaps you wanted to send in a written work? All writings should either be sent as pdf files or simple typed up within the email. These will be posted to the blog, and MAYBE posted on YouTube, if it makes sense. Must match one of the following. Please try to make all works free of spelling and grammatical errors.

A. Theories/'FanFic' - Again, please follow the guidelines above if writing fan fiction, and if writing theories, read through them multiple times, and see if they make sense.

B. GameFaqs/ Walkthroughs - Any written Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts videogame walkthrough in written form. If the club receives any submissions of these, Wizarding World Gaming will start a GameFaqs account and post them to the blog as well as the website (GameFaqs).

For Anything Else:

Or maybe you just have something totally different in mind (Slideshows/ Presentations, Polls/ Quizzes/ Games etc.). If so, please send them, and the club will be happy to post any other content you wish to submit.

We hope you enjoy the club and feel inspired to submit content to the club!