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Stats do not exist for most countries. Even in the UK we have estimates only for Edinburgh. That said, the percentage of pregnancies that is unintended is very high in the US  (and probably the highest in any Western industrialized society).



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I noted with interest an editorial you wrote for Contraception in 2008 including this: “While 49% of pregnancies in the United States are unintended, the corresponding percentage in France is only 33% [29], and in Edinburgh, Scotland, it is only 28% [30,31].”


I write, now, because we are trying to fact-check a recent claim: The "U.S. has the highest unintended pregnancy rate of any Western industrialized country." To this moment, I have been unable to find country-to-country statistics on such rates. I am familiar with the global/regional approach aired by researchers for the Guttmacher Institute.




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