Sentence Fluency


Easy to read with inflection that brings out voice

Dances along like a lively script

Stunning variety in sentence style and length

Fragments are effective

Dialogue is authentic/dramatic/performable


Can be read with expression

Easygoing rhythm, flow, cadence

Significant variety in style and length

Fragments add emphasis

Dialogue is authentic


Natural phrasing--easy to read

Rhythmic flow dominates--a few awkward moments

Some variety in style and length

Fragments are not a problem

Dialogue is natural


Mechanical, but readable

Choppy or "never-ending" text common

Repetitive beginnings; little variety in length

Fragments (if used) do not work

Dialogue is a little stiff


You can read it if you're patient, and if you rehearse

Many run-ons, choppy sentences, non-sentences, or other problems

Minimal variety in style or length

Fragments (if used) are oversights

Dialogue (if used) is hard to perform


Hard to read, even with effort

Missing words, awkward moments, and/or irregular structure

Hard to judge variety, because it's hard to tell where sentences begin

Fragments (if used) make it harder to read

Dialogue is missing or is difficult to read